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Hi John Surprised to see you posting again. This is Marcy. I now you posted to Mackey and those of us who work the board are on and off and give up some of our spare time to try and help others, so Mackey may not see this post for a bit and I just wanted to explain things to you. Sometimes posts may fall into the category of being a little too cold and up in your face, but people come here for honest advice and trust me when I say the people who work this board do care about the feelings of others and thus, when we feel someone suffering and heart-broken we use our best knowledge and try to help that person move in the right direction. We don't always know the age of the poster and can only go by what they tell us. If the person reposts and doesn't seem to be listening then we may just say it like it is as Mackey did and it's only to get the poster up and going in the right direction. You are insightful and took Mackey's advice even though it was a "to the point" post. Sometimes the truth hurts. We all need a kick in the backside every so often. Marcy this is john again first off all i wanna say something to Macky: Dude, if you got a problem with what i have to say there's nothing that forces you to post on my questions and if you wanna post you don't have to be so cold hearted by taking digs at me. as I have stated in my previous posts i was feeling like crap and it doesn't help when you're implying that i need to see a psychiastrist.Yes there are people with bigger problems but still aren't we all entitled to some help? What you said was TOTALLY uncalled for and was really unessesary.nyway your right in what you say and appreciate your opinion. I may have been a bit drastic in my posts but hey this girl was the first girl i really liked and i left it too late to act on it so that's probably why i was so upset. The girl's pathetic anyway so i don't care if she hates me or not cause to be honest if i saw her again id spit in her face. anyway guys thanks for helping and keep up the good work Well hi there John! It's really nice to hear from you and I've been looking all over the board for you. I am glad to hear that you have stopped caring about this girl so much because she is simply who she is and has made her choices. The other poster had some good points, but, I don't think you need psychiatric help at all. You need to get up and get going as the other poster said. There are many people who are in wheel chairs, walking with canes, blind, etc., that are not only making their way through life well, but also some are famous. I told you the Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia is a parapelegic and look at Stevie Wonder (blind) and on and on it goes. John, you're too cooped up in the house, and as I stated before get out there, pick friends that think more like you do (you're an old soul) and have some fun. Before you know it you'll bump into the true love of your life and trust me I say, the wait will be worth it. You had said in past posts that others at school felt badly for you. It doesn't really matter if this girl likes you or not. To be honest, I am sure she doesn't dislike you, but has made it loud and clear whom she decides to hang around with. It's her choice. We all have to go through life knowing that no matter what a good person we are there are going to be some people that may not like us for that reason alone. We can't win 'em all and I certainly haven't. EXAMPLE: I think I told you before I was married before. I loved that man with everything I had, but, he obviously didn't love me the same way. I was so broken-hearted (left him and then divorced him) but, I learned that I knew I'd done nothing wrong, that I was a good person, and so he didn't love me back! My attitude was "fool!" I got on with life and some years later found out from one of his brothers that my ex had admitted to them that losing me was the worst mistake he'd ever made. Well, he's older, hopefully more mature, and is married again with two daughters. Time has healed and I don't hate him and truly wish him the best, but most of the time I never give him a second thought. By leaving that situation and moving on I met my wonderful 2nd husband. I've had people do rotten things to me throughout my life. At first (being young) it would bother me and pain my heart, but as I started to grow a little older I started getting tough. I would always be nice to people, but, if they didn't like me I moved on. If I had to be around them because they happened to be a friend of a friend of mine, I said nothing, was polite, but distant. And so it goes. We will all have to contend with this from others. I do agree with the other poster when they say you are making "something out of nothing and it's your problem) because you're feelings are important, but the one of the good pieces of advice they gave you is to move on. Tell me John, why is it so important she likes you or forgives you. After all, you didn't really do anything that serious. She's the one with the problem! Marcy Hi again everyone As for this whole bloody situation here's how it all worked out the girl didnt send her friend over, the friend came over just for kicks, she told her crew somthing about me which put them on edge, I said I was sorry to the girl I liked and haven't spoke to her since, Most of them forgave me (don't know what for cause ive done nothing wrong) the girl i like is still bi (for girls only) at the moment. her crews left for university although she may have to stay for another year of school but maybe not either way i dont care. well ive said what i wanted to say about this see ya guys NO FLAMING PLEASE! john

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Q: How can a guy make things right with people when he may have done something wrong?
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