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By consuming raw or uncooked infected meat or drinking infected, untreated water.

AnswerEating Un-Cooked bacon/pork is one way. AnswerIt's also possible to get a tape worm from uncooked fish (especially fish from fresh water).

Bottom Line: Eating Contaminated Food, meaning UNDERcooked or OVERcooked.

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Q: How can a human get tape worms?
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What type of worms can a human get?

Pin worms, tape worms...

What worms can live inside the human body?

Flatworms such as tape worms and flukes, and roundworms such as trichinosis-causing worms, filarial worms, ascarid worms and hook worms.

Can a snake live in the human body?

No. Various worms or parasites can live in the human body... tape worms, guinea worms, loa loa (eye worm), or scabies but not snakes.

Are tape worms black?

No there not black all tape worms are WHITE

Do you have worms in are body?

Yes we do, they are not really worms they are tape worms. You can get tape worms by eating raw food and the scientist still have another aswer that hasn't been shared with. The tape worms can get about 25-etc. ft. long.

Do polar bears have tape worms?

they could (all fleas carry tape worms)

What are the body types of a worms?

tape worms

What are clear worms in my stool?

Tape worms

What does a picvture of worms in dog poop look like?

Those are called tape worms. If Your dog has tape worms, Take it to the vet.

My cat has tape worms are they dangerous to humans?

Tape worms are dangerous to humans, as well. Although, you cannot receive tape worms from your cat just by physical contact, so do not worry about that.

Can a puppy get tape worms?

Yes they can

Do tape worms eat alive human insides?

Yes, and they can be acquired by eating meat that was not completely cooked.

Can you use ivomec to get rid of tape worms?

NO! Ivomec will not even harm tape worms, Valbazen ( albendazole ) will, both are broad spectrum wormers, but Ivomec causes worms to die from over producing a naturally occurring acid that is not present in Tape worms.

Can a tape worm kill a human?

Yes. Recently, there have been people who swallowed tape worms to loose weight. They lost weight all right, but died too.

What worms does a person get by ingesting bad meat?

Tape worms.

How long do tapeworms get?

Tape worms grow up to a metre in the human body.

What are three types of annelid worms?

earth worms,tape worms,and pin worm

How do worms look in human stool?

What worms look like in human stool depends on the type of worm. A tape worm is flat and looks like rice, a hookworm in long and light colored, a meat worm is red and long.

What is an example of Parasitism in a deciduous forest?

An example of parasitism in the Temperate Deciduous Forest is Tape Worms in Humans and Animals. The tape worm lives in the human or animal and eats the food that the human or animal eats. Eventually the human or animal dies of mal nutrition.

Are tape worms parasitic segmented worms?

No, tapeworms are parasitic flatworms.

Can dogs have leeches in their feces?

No,intestinal worms and tape worms are possibilities

Are tape worms carnivores?

Tape worms are parasites that eat digested material. I don't think you can classify them as carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores.

How can you treat tape worms in dogs?

take cello tape of the worm

Are tape worms segmented?

Yes a tape worm is a segmented worm.

Do tape worms eat?