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How can a judge can be removed from his job?

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If a judge is elected they must be impeached. Municipal judges are appointed by the City Council in Colorado and they can be removed by them if they fail to perform their duties properly.

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What is a female judge?

A judge, gender does not change what their job is.

Do you judge people by what there job is?

no. you cant judge that either. you dont judge people by their routines.

What President removed a Federal Judge?

Bill Clinton

What is it called When a judge or executive is removed from office?

They are impreached.

What is the only way by which a federal judge can be removed?

They Die!!

Is the job of a judge easy or difficult?

a judge job could be very difficult depends on the situation becuse a judge dont want to be on anyones side even thought he know you. A judge has to go by the law

Can a lawyer have a judge removed from a case for injustice when you have hung jury twice?

No, lawyers do not have the power to remove a judge.

What was Baba's father's job?

he was a judge

How does a judge get his or her job?

by studing law

What Job Did Deborah Had?

Deborah was a judge

What was thurgood marshals job?

He was a Judge

What is the main job of a judge in supreme court?

The main job of a supreme court judge is to determine whether or not a law or case is constitutional.

Does Judge Napolitano have hair plugs?

Either that or he had his forehead removed.

What can judges be removed from office for?

Any judge that breaks the law.

Which 2 branches of government can remove a judge from office?

The President can appoint the judge and the Senate must vote to see if teh Judge is removed from office or not.

What was Mark Twain's dad's job?

he was a judge

What was George Mason's job?

he was a judge and a statesman

How does the judge get his job?

you have to go to collage and get the education

Who is job is it to decide innocence or guilt?


Why can a federal judge be removed from office?

because they die, or broke the law

How can the federal judge be removed from office?

by being elected and appointed by the senate

An official whose main job was to interpret the law and act as judge in court cases?

A judge

What about being judged in court by a religious judge if you are atheist?

A judge, regardless of his or her religion or lack thereof must be impartial. If a Judge is found to favor people on the basis of religion then he or she should be removed from their position as judge.

How can a judge of Supreme Court be removed?

A supreme court justice can only be removed from power be resigning because they are exempt from the law apparently.

Need to change a judge how?

Consult your attorney, have him/her help you file a motion for a new judge.Added: As stated above - if you are referring to a trial judge for your particular trial - have your attorney to file a motion requesting that the judge recuse themself from your trial. However it will have to be accompanied by some kind of legally sufficient reason as to why the request is being made.If you are trying to have a judge removed from the bench permanently; if the judge occupies an elective post, try to get a new judge elected to the position. If the judge is appointive, lobby your legislature or the governor's office to have them removed or impeached.

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