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You would have to take the tenant to court and have a judgment issued against them. Then collect by garnishing their wages, if they do not voluntarily pay the judgment amount.

You can also report the tenant on It was launched in 2008 so it is new, but has significant potential for landlords. It is a free sight (though does require registration for full access) that allows landlords to prepare reports on tenants and view reports that other landlords have completed. The reports are in a yes/no format so they are easy to complete, professional and unbiased. If your tenant has been added to the database, when you are taking applications you can check the information provided by the tenant to the information reported by prior landlords. It is similar to a reference but more detailed. The idea is that if enough landlords fill out tenant reports, people that rent long term will have a history, with reports that have been completed by many different landlords over many years. This could be really useful when evaluating whether or not to rent to them! Though the outstanding rent does not get reported to the credit agency, it is noted in the tenant report. Other landlords will be aware of their history and you may be able to track and find the tenant for collection purposes by using information posted by other landlords.

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Q: How can a landlord report a tenant's nonpayment of rent to an agency responsible for the tenant's credit rating?
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I know of no law that forbids renting to a felon, or a gang member.Another PerspectiveA landlord has the responsibility to provide tenants with a safe and healthy environment. Renting units to known gang members who then cause damages, harm or loss to the other tenants may create some liability for the landlord. If that is the case you should consult with an attorney or with a landlord-tenant agency in your town who can review your situation and explain your options, if any.

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