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how can a leinholder repo a car "with only 2 installments due?" READ your contract. Does it say you will pay as due OR when you decide to? You were in DEFAULT and when in default the lender can repo the collateral.

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Q: How can a leinholder repo a car with only 2 installments due and was to be paid in 1 month as agreed?
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The question can be answered only for the loan with zero interest. The loan is then 10,800 (18 x 600) that could also be paid by 1350 a month for 8 months 1080 a month for 10 months 900 a month for 12 months 720 a month for 15 months In the case the loan is not interest free the problem cannot be solved, since there are two unknown variables: a principal amount (an amount borrowed) and an annual interest rate and only one equation. For instance if you borrow 10,000 with 10% annual interest rate, the loan will be paid off in 18 monthly installments of 600, which corresponds to the question. For the same principal (10,000) and annual interest rate (10%) the loan would have been paid off in: 8 month installments of 1297; 10 month installments of 1046; 12 month installments of 879; 15 month installments of 712. But you can still have the loan with other pairs of principal and interest rate with 18 monthly installments of 600. There is a suitable Excel formula PMT too. Monthly installments can be calculated by formula: Monthly installment = Principal x {rate + (rate / [(1+rate)months - 1]} where rate = (annual rate / 12), i.e. 10% => 0,1/12

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Is there a charge by a lien holder if you do not have insurance on the vehicle?

Of course. The financing agreement that you signed requires you to have full coverage insurance and to make sure that they receive a copy of the insurance with their name listed as leinholder on the policy. This assures that they are paid if there is an accident and that they are notified in case of a cancellation of the insurance. There are laws protecting the leinholder in every state. If you break the contract with the leinholder they have the right to repossess the vehicle as well as the put what is called forced place insurance on the vehicle. This insurance protect the leinholder's interest only in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle. This coverage is physical damage coverage only and does not include liability or any other coverages and the premium is very high. The premium is charged to your loan account.

Can you as cosigner repossess your child's car when payments aren't made?

ONLY if your name is on the TITLE as co-owner or leinholder can you "repo" the car.

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On the back of the title there is a place for you to put the leinholder information. Just put your information there when you pay the money to the seller. If there is a leinholder, the insurance company will require the owner to carry full coverage insurance, therefore, if the car is wrecked, the insurance will pay you, the leinholder, and not the owner listed on the title. That way you will be able to recoup any money that is owed to you. You can only keep the amount that is owed to you and pay any remaining to the registered owner of the vehicle.

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