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How can a man dump you and say he used you then actually try and get back with you?


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2005-11-29 20:33:42
2005-11-29 20:33:42

When people do things or say things to other people that hurt they are really angry at themselves and are malcontents. In ways you have to feel sort of sorry for these people because they honestly believe there is nothing wrong with them and it's everyone in the rest of the world that has problems. Consider yourself lucky this guy dumped you. If he can so easily do this then you really don't want him around. Mature people sit and talk about their relationships and if they don't like the way things are going then they have the opportunity to discuss it and move on. To just dump someone is a chicken way out. If you like this man and he's a decent guy, then sit down and discuss your relationship and DEMAND to know why he dumped you. If it was for another woman, then kick his butt out that door! Listen to your gut instincts and if you think he used you in any way then don't even bother meeting up with him. There are some wonderful guys out there that will treat you the way you should be treated. Never settle for less and if you give respect to others, then expect it back! If they don't give you that respect it's time to move on. Good luck Marcy


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