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Most men love women, and thank God, most men are loyal and stick with one woman. It's obvious men don't think like women. Women are more prone to be faithful and truly in love, while men can be fickle and enjoy the attention of other women. He thinks he's a great lover and has something to prove to himself by cheating several times. Men (and some women) like to be "stroked" and complimented and while most of us mature and get over this some don't. I'd kick this guy to the curb. He's old leather .... send his spurs flying out the door after him and let's hope they stick where the sun don't shine! Marcy It's about stroking a man's ego...and the more strokes he gets, the bigger he his (no pun intended). It's been a year and a half since my fiance now husband cheated and I constantly ask him this same question. He can never quite give me an answer other than he said he was weak. I believe women are stronger than mean when it comes to cheating. Women say no, men say more.... Answer Simply put, many men separate passionate sex and committed love.

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Describe the shepherd why was he called passionate in the poem of passionate shepherd to his love?

He was called the passionate shepherd because of the method he used in sedusing the woman he loves. Also, how he is ready to tell lies if that what would make her come to live with him and to be his ove.

Why do man say they love a woman but they go an cheat?

they say they love a woman but then they might see someone else who they love more or just as much which will make them a 2 timer. Then when they have cheated, they think that the first woman they loved wont find out but they always do. that's men for you!

How do you show love to your wife?

You have to make passionate love to her with your huge member. give her flowers and take her out to eat

How do you make a sentence with the word firey?

The woman had a fiery temper and was most passionate about her chosen subject.

How do you make woman love you?

If you treat a woman with kindness and generosity, chances are she will love you (or at the very least, like you).

Best position for pregnant woman?

how can i make love with pregnant woman

I want to make passionate love to you in french?

je veux te faire l'amour passionnément

What can a man do to make a woman love him?

There is nothing anyone can do to make another love them. Either they do or they don't.

How can you make your girlfriend to believe you on how you didnt cheat on her?

To make her believe that you did not cheat on her do this. Show that you love her a lot and never leave her alone. By this she will believe that you did not cheat on her.

What actors and actresses appeared in Make Your Weather - 2009?

The cast of Make Your Weather - 2009 includes: Elliot Amador as Passionate Man Carla Dauden as Awkward Woman Joey Gould as Stressed Man Roy Hathon as Busy Man Melinda Marr as Vain Woman Zoe McCarthy as Passionate Woman Sandy McOwen as Edward Crowlins Robin Metze as Talkative Man Meghan Schaefer as Boring Woman

What is true love about?

True love is about loving one another. It means that you will cheat or disrespect your partner. Love has its up and its downs but if you really love that person you can get through it. If you feel like that person just completes you. they make you smile, laugh, they just make your day in general. True love may not be just based on things such as sex. Sex is just part of it. That's called making love. That's the main part when the 2 feel passionate for one another. Love can make you or it can break you. But if it is true you wont try to mess it up

Why do you cheat on the person if you love them?

if you really love them, you don't.

Why do pregnant women cheat?

Pregnant women cheat because they feel lonely or neglected by their partner. They are emotional & unpredictable.. they are so passionate. If their partner fails to make them feel beautiful & special they will stray & not even feel guilty.

What is the cheat to make someone fall in love with someone on Sims Life Stories?

Try to make out with you

How to make love to an obese woman?

You make love to an obese woman in much the same way that you make love to a slim woman. You talk with her, you listen to her, you find out what you both want, you experiment and find out what works for the two of you. Love is an ongoing process, not just the act of sexual intercourse. Sure, there are differences, but everyone is different.

How to make love with a tall woman?

give her what she wants

When are sugars created?

make love with different man. if ur a man make love with men if ur a woman make love with woman and lick them to death in their downstairs. Down there it take like a coin or salty milk. great stuff.

What are the Secrets to Make a Woman Love You?

There are no secrets-if you are right for her and around enough, she will fall in love with you.

How can a man make love to a woman but have a crush on another woman?

If the person Doesn't have the real love on a girl,then only he will seek for other girl.

How could a woman make a gay man fall in love with her?

She can possibly make him fall in love with her by being his friend, but she will never make him attracted to her.

How can you make love to your woman?

if you are asking this question you are stupid and shouldn't get an answer.

What makes a car go?

when a man and a woman make love

How do you make a Leo woman fall in love?

just be yourself.

What make a man love a woman?

Sexual things. ANSWER: Not just sex, sex goes with everything if you are married. If you want to know how to make love a woman, two thing, respect and trust.

What is i want to make passionate love with you tonight in french?

"je veux te faire l'amour passionnément cette nuit"