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Most men love women, and thank God, most men are loyal and stick with one woman. It's obvious men don't think like women. Women are more prone to be faithful and truly in love, while men can be fickle and enjoy the attention of other women. He thinks he's a great lover and has something to prove to himself by cheating several times. Men (and some women) like to be "stroked" and complimented and while most of us mature and get over this some don't. I'd kick this guy to the curb. He's old leather .... send his spurs flying out the door after him and let's hope they stick where the sun don't shine! Marcy It's about stroking a man's ego...and the more strokes he gets, the bigger he his (no pun intended). It's been a year and a half since my fiance now husband cheated and I constantly ask him this same question. He can never quite give me an answer other than he said he was weak. I believe women are stronger than mean when it comes to cheating. Women say no, men say more.... Answer Simply put, many men separate passionate sex and committed love.

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Q: How can a man make such passionate love to a woman and then go and cheat?
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