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The penis is just an extension of the urethra. You could still urinate without a penis. You can still ejaculate as well, but the method of arousal to ejaculation would have to involve other activities such as stimulation of the brain since penis stimulation would not be possible. There are many stimulations as well; one being which are unusually used but include: BDSM, tickling, fetishes or climbing a pole.
2011-09-07 03:43:12
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How long should you wait before trying to ejaculate for the second time in one night?

Ejaculate once a day, or you can cause medical problems in your penis, Your penis could bleed and also cut inside..

Do boys still have sperm when their penis is not cut?

By "cut" I assume you're referring to circumcision. This has nothing to the production of semen or sperm. Cut or uncut, you'll still ejaculate the same way

Can men's foreskin cause infections in a woman vagina?

Not if he is clean. Normal bacteria from a penis, cut or uncut, can cause a UTI which is why it's good to urinate after sex.

If your 'bellend' gets cut off will it grow back?

Bellend is British slang for the penis head. If it gets cut off, it will not grow back, although, it can be reattached after an amputation.

How do you get your penis out of a shampoo bottle?

Cut the bottle, but be careful to not cut your penis

What happens if the vas deferens is cut?

If the vas deferens is cut, then the sperm will not be able to travel from the testicles to the penis. As a result, if it is done bilaterally (on both sides) the male will be sterile. He will still be able to get erections and even ejaculate, but his ejaculate will not contain any sperm. The operation to do this is called a vasectomy, and is a fairly common form of relatively permanent birth control.

How do you get rid of taking out sperm from penis?

The only way is to have a operation to cut the tubes leading from the testicles to the penis which makes you ejaculate semen but not sperm. You can not however stop the semen from coming out. If you don't masturbate it will still come out at night because that si what the body needs.

What does it mean if the tip of your penis is cut?

A cut penis usualy means it has been mutilated by cicumsicion.

What is uncut cork in terms of penis?

a male penis of has a skin that cover the penis head, that extra 'hood' skin is cut during circumcision, the penis is referred to as 'cut' if not circumcised then its called 'uncut'

What does uncut mean?

Cut- When you are born the doctor cuts your penis (Extra skin) Uncut- The Doctor dose not cut your penis

Is there a problem if you have an uncut penis?

NO. As a matter of fact the problems start if it gets cut. there is no reason known aside from folk lore religion and old wives/men's tales to get your foreskin cut of. It just does not make sense to remove a large proportion of the pleasure as well as the protection from a healthy penis.

What is the operation called when you have your penis cut off?

It's called circumcision, and it's not your penis that's cut off, it's the foreskin.

What is the scientific name for corundum?

it is a penis enlargement it is where they cut the penis and make it biiger

What is the difference between a cut and uncut penis?

An uncut penis (intact) still has its original foreskin left intact, and not removed, whereas a "cut" penis (circumcised) is the opposite, and the foreskin has been removed.

What part does circumsition cut off?

During circumcision, part of the skin of the penis, called the foreskin, is cut off. The foreskin is the part of the skin that covers the glans (head) of the penis. Other parts of the penis, such as the frenulum, are often cut off as well.

Who gets cut at the shark party in finding nemo?

dory gets cut

When you have a uncutt penis does it hurt to get cut?


Is it bad to cut your head of your penis?

Yes it would be terrible to cut the glans of your penis of that would most likely put an end to most of your sexual pleasure.

Who was that woman that cut off her husbands penis?


Can penis hair cut the vagina?

yes. it can and it hurts

How do you put a penis in your mouth?

cut out your bottom rib

Can You Cut Off A Penis?

Yes, but let the doctor do it!

What is it called when your penis didnt get cut when born?


Is Daniel Radcliffe's penis cut or uncut?


How can you get your husband to end his affair?

Cut off his penis