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You didn't mention if his father was living at home as well. He should be the one having "the talk" with your son. However, kids today as young as 10 know more about sex than most of us did at 15 - 16. You have every right to have rules in your house, but, you have absolutely no control over your son once he's away from home. All you can hope for is the fact you teach him that although you don't approve of him having sexual relations he should learn that sexually transmitted diseases are at an all-time high as well as young girls getting pregnant and he should ALWAYS wear a condom. Let him know if he should get a girl pregnant he has 50% of the responsibility of raising a baby. Telling your teenager they CAN NOT have sex is like putting a red flag in front of a bull! Discuss it with him on an adult level and let him simply know what you know. Then pray! ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== IF YOU ARE allowing your son to date, you have the right (and responsibility) to have strict rules and guidelines in place. By now he should have had "the talk" and be well informed about diseases, pregnancy etc... Many parents fear that if they inform their children about condoms etc... they are saying it's o.k. to have sex. But in reality, teenagers already think about it and if they are so anxious to find out what sex is about, they will do it on their own anyway. At least if they are informed, they can make better, well informed decisions, even if it makes us cringe and a little crazy. A responsible parent will let them know how we feel, we don't want them engaging in sex, what the rules are etc... But at least we know that they know the facts and the rules and our feelings on the subject, and if we've done a good job raising them, we will be better off in the long run. Then.....hope for the best.....and as Marcy says, "PRAY"!

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Is premarital sex allowed in Orthodox Judaism?


Is a Muslim intercourse with his wife from back allowed?

No, it is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to practice intercourse with with wife from her back. Inserting the penis in wife's annus is sinful and not allowed.

Night of eid is it allowed for husband and wife to have intercourse?

Yes, it is allowed.

Does premarital sex in Islam invalidate a marriage?

Premarital sex in Islam is haram. Which means it is not allowed and it is a sin. It however, does not invalidate a marriage. You can marry this girl eventually, which would actually be good in God's eyes.

What Are you allowed to do at age sixteen?

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Intercourse with mammary animals is strictly forbidden in Islam. Also, anal sex (inserting the penis in wife's anus) is not allowed in Islam.

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It is allowed up to the preference of wife and husband.

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Is sexual intercourse allowed in Islam?

If it wasn't allowed, the religion would die out due to a lack of people...

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No, cyberbullying shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

Is sexual role play allowed in marriage in Islam?

Yes it preceeds sexual intercourse otherwise sexual intercourse should be avoided.

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They are allowed to do it anywhere execpt for the olympics. == == == ==

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Any kind of sex (oral or intercourse sex) is not allowed outside marriage per religion. That is why dating is not allowed in Islam

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AnswerWhatever God's rules are about premarital sex (and there is little in the Bible to guide us), many Christians say that Christianity is for sinners. Others say that a large proportion of today's Christians have had premarital sex. Religion is so often trumped by our natural urges. Either way, if you wish to consider yourself a Christian, you should be able to do so.

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An age of consent is teh age at which a person is legally considered to be allowed to willingly engage in sexual intercourse, and at which is is not a crime to engage in sexual intercourse with the person.

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How do you get a Muslim girlfriend?

You don't! Muslims are not allowed to date, as it can lead to premarital relations. No physical contact is allowed between genders before marriage, unless they are close relatives, such as brothers. Also, no mixed-gender couple is allowed without an adult present, specifically during the engagement period.

Is it possible to date a girl without premarital sex if you are a Muslim Guy?

If you are a Muslim it will have to be without premarital sex because Muslims are not allowed to have sex before marriage and that goes for both men and women. Dating means going out to movies and restaurants or the Zoo or park, getting to know each other. Not having sex.

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When two gays have sexual intercourse, but aren't allowed to get married they are at a political disadvantage!

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