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Note: It's a popular misconception that the chameleon changes its color to match that of the background. In reality, they change colour to reflect mood, temperature, etc. The transparent skin of a chameleon has four layers which work together to produce various colors. The outside layer has two kinds of color cells, yellow and red. Just inside this layer are two more layers that reflect light: one blue and the other white. The innermost layer - important and complicated - contains pigment granules (melanophore cells). The melanophores have a dark brown pigment called melanin, the same substance that colors human skin brown or black. The main body of each melanophore sits like a brooding octopus beneath the reflecting layers and sends tentacle-like arms up through the other layers. The color cells alter size, which changes the amounts of red, yellow, and dark brown in the skin and this, in turn, alters skin color. The reflecting layers modify these effects. Where the skin has a blue layer under yellow cells, the blue reflects through the yellow and changes it to green. Where the blue layer is missing, white shines though and enhances the yellow and red above. The skin brightens when the cells pull the dark melanin from their tentacle-like arms into their bodies. The skin darkens when the cells spread the dark pigment through their arms into the upper layers of the skin. The brownish black color then obscures the white layer, darkening the skin like a black cloud darkens the land. That's how the chameleon changes color. It knows what color to change to just as we do when we turn red with embarrassment.

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Q: How can a panther chameleon change color?
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What colors do pather chameleons change?

Panther chameleons are probably the most color vibrant breed of chameleon. They change almost every color.

When was Panther chameleon created?

Panther chameleon was created in 1829.

Which animal can change color?

a chameleon can change color...

Can an American chameleon change color?

yes but it is not a chameleon

What can a chameleon do?

change color

What do Chameleon do?

change color

Can a blind chameleon change color?

Yes. It does change color.

What is the animal that changes its color?

a chameleon.Chameleon can change its colour

Which chameleon changes most colors?

Panther chameleon

What hurts the panther chameleon?

Panther Chameleons, Furcifer pardalis, Panther Chameleon facts the floor and wander away or into areas where they can hurtthemselves.

What lizards can change color?


What are the adaptations of the panther chameleon?

change colour to background puff up to warn predators

Is a panther chameleon poisionous?


What is the habitat of the panther chameleon?

The panther chameleon lives in the eastern and northern parts of Madagascar in a tropical forest biome.

If I have 'chameleon' eyes how do I know my eye color Chameleon eyes are the kind that change color depending on the color you're wearing mood and weather?

If you have chameleon eye color, and your eye color changes frequently, look in the mirror to see what color they are.

How do a chameleon change its color?

whatever it touches it turns that color

What is the real color of a Chameleon?

they change color but mostly green

Can the skin of a chameleon change color?


Does a chameleon change color when threatened?

probably not

What helps the chameleon to change its color?


Do veiled chameleon change color?

Yes they can change colour

What color does a chameleons skin change to when angry?

the color of a chameleon skin change into brown color when they are angry.

What is the effect of background on the color of a chameleon?

Chameleons do not change color to blend in, the change color according to their mood.

Is Panther Chameleon Endangered?

According to the IUCN red list, as of 2013, the panther chameleon is classified as 'least concern'. This means it is not endangered.

If you put a chameleon in a mirrored box what color would it change to?

You cannot really know what would the color of a chameleon be in a mirrored box, because you have to look through the box to know. Therefore - when you look through that box, the chameleon will automatically change her color to the color of your skin !