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Just call up your insurance company/agent, and tell them that you request his name to be removed from your policy. They will then issue you a new policy w/ id cards.

Some insurance companies require that the 18 year old has acquired auto insurance elsewhere before removing them from the parent's policy. This may prove difficult for the parent who may be forced by the insurance company to carry auto insurance on their child indefinitely until such a time when insurance can be obtained.

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What is a Claims made basis cover?

An insurance company is responsible to pay a claim up to the limits of the policy regardless of when the claim occurred if it is turned in during the policy period effective dates

Is a civil suit turned over to a homeowners insurance company for investigation considered a lien?

No. but it could lead to a lien being filed later if you are found liable and you don't have coverage under your home insurance policy.

Does my insurance provider cover bariatric surgery?

Begin by reading the "Exclusions" portion of your insurance policy. If this procedure is excluded there is little you can do. If, however, this procedure is listed in the "Covered Services" portion of your policy the procedure will be covered if it is medically necessary. This may require you and your doctor to submit an appeal if the initial authorization was turned down.

Can a life insurance policy with five family members be turned in to five policies?

The answer is in the negative. You are to opt for separate life policies for your five family members to cater their needs.

Do you have life insurance for person with pre exciting condition?

Yes. It is a guaranteed issue policy so therefor you cannot be turned down. Also depending on the condition you may be able to still obtain a regular fully underwritten policy. You should speak with a knowledgeable broker that handles both rather than just blindly applying for insurance.

How was the Truman Doctrine a departure from previous American foreign policy?

The United States turned away from its policy of isolationism

Is life insurance ever subject to income taxation?

Yes it is possible that under certain conditions you could have some taxable income from the Life insurance proceeds. Life insurance proceeds paid to you because of the death of the insured person are not taxable unless the policy was turned over to you for a price. Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for publication 525

How do you remove purple tone from hair?

If the hair has turned purple from a toner, shampooing repeatedly should remove it.

How to get malpractice insurance if you have been turned down before?

There are many companies out there that sell Malpractice coverage. You just have to check with another insurance company.

What does critical life illness insurance cover?

Critical illness insurance is one of the most Latest catchphrases in the realm of insurance scope. It has turned out to be more imperative as the prevalence of critical illnesses has turned out to be more critical . critical illness insurance can essentially help families survive the monetary weight created by having a noteworthy illness, for example, disease, a heart assault or a stroke. Buy Critical Insurance

The Facts About Insurance Cash Settlement?

Insurance cash settlements occur when a policy holder elects to sell their policy for a cash settlement to another company. The settlement company will then pay the policy holder an amount that exceeds the surrender policy. Because this has turned into big business by some companies and provides a way out from under a burdensome contract, a tidy secondary market has been created for the purposes of life insurance cash settlements. People often find themselves paying on a life insurance policy that they no longer want or need. They may have taken out the policy as an insurance against their income and no longer work at that job or have since gone on to procure a better life insurance deal. Previously, the individual in this circumstance had two choices. Either they could let the policy lapse by not paying on it, or they could willingly surrender the policy for the cash value. A life insurance cash settlement is preferable to both of those options. The policy holder can actually walk away from the insurance policy and put some extra cash in their pocket at the same time. The settlement companies will pay the policy holder more than the amount they could have received upon surrendering the policy back to the insurance company. People wishing to find a settlement company should be cautious moving forward, for obvious reasons. Find a company with a good reputation that is willing to put the policy in escrow until the sale is finalized and you have your money. The timing may vary from company to company, but it shouldn’t take much longer than thirty days to put a sale through. It is also advisable to find a company that has a grace period between the time of sale and the point of no return. Most of the reputable companies will allow the policy holder an extra 15 days to decide if they want to back out of the deal. This is valuable, as you never know what might come up at the last minute. Cash settlements are tax free up to the amount the policy holder has paid in premiums, treated as any other income up to the point of the surrender value, and then treated as capital gains beyond that point.

Can a custodial parent deny a child that has turned 18 visitation to a non custodial parent?

No. The child is now eighteen and he or she can make their own decision although that may cause trouble if the child still lives with the "custodial" parent.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage when water main was not turned off when trying to fix a leaky shower faucet?

If you elected "Accidental Water Discharge" coverage when you purchased your policy then yes, you should have coverage up to the specified limits for this type of loss.

What happens to your car insurance when you sell your car?

When you plan to sell your car you should notify your insurance company of the pending sale. It will provide you with instructions on how to transfer title properly, surrender the plates and cancel the insurance if you aren't transferring the coverage to a new car. Generally, the insurance company won't cancel the insurance until the plates are turned in or transferred to another vehicle through the RMV. That means the company will continue to bill you until the transaction is properly completed.If the insurance was paid for and the policy is cancelled during the coverage year the company will issue a refund based on their own calculations.

Who made Pinocchio a boy?

The Blue Fairy turned him into a boy, because she was moved by his courage and his love for his parent.

Can you get turned down from Homeowners insurance if you have bad credit rating or forclousere?

Yes, many insurance companies do require you qualify credit wise to be eligible for coverage.

Can your current car insurance company raise your premium for using another policy on another vehicle you own?

Unclear on your question. Do you want to know if your rates will go up because you have a different car with a separate policy? Probably not just because you have a separate policy, unless your current policy is discounted because of multiple vehicles and you are removing one of them to go with someone else. On the otherhand, if you had an accident and turned it in to the company covering that vehicle, your current company will know about the accident and it is possible your rates could go up because of the accident not because you have another policy out there.

How long do you have to claim life insurance?

The initial answer is not correct. While there may not be a statute of limitations as such for a life insurance claim (like there is for a civil lawsuit), waiting to file a claim often makes it far more difficult to collect. Among the reasons include: (1) the insurance policy may become lost. It shows the policy number which makes it a great deal more difficult for the insurer to identify the applicable policy. (2) the insurer may merge with another and, therefore, it becomes much more difficult for the beneficiary to determine with what company to file a claim. (3) Periodically, as required by state insurance regulators, insurers must report on unclaimed property. Insurance policies that have not been redeemed are, for life insurers, part of that process. Therefore, the failure to promptly claim life insurance proceeds runs the risk of the policy being turned over to an Unclaimed Property Division of a state. The state can be where the insurer was domiciled, rather than where the insured or the beneficiary lived. Therefore, it is made more difficult to find and claim the proceeds.

What are the possible benefits of government run health insurance?

Government run insurance would mean that everybody would have insurance coverage. It would be affordable for the people who do not have the means to carry health insurance. It also would mean that no American can ever be turned away for medical treatment, because they do not have insurance.

How do you remove the oil drain plug from a 2007 Chrysler town and country?

The oil drain plug is turned counter clockwise to remove it.

How are tomatoes turned into sauce?

Tomatoes are cooked, crushed, strained to remove seeds and skins, and cooked further to remove some of the moisture.

Is damage from leaking pipe covered under your home owners insurance?

I think you'd need to check your policy. I had damage from a leaking shower which spoiled the plaster, paint and carpet in the adjacent room and it was not covered by my policy. The insurance company claimed it was a fault in the building work and would be the builder's responsibility (the house was 20 years old at the time, and well out of warranty). It turned out that the fault was that the tile grouting had become old and porous, and it was a relatively cheap fix - we just had to live with the stained wall and carpet. Hopefully, if your home is badly damaged by a split water pipe, your policy will cover it. Best of luck! :-)

What will happen with your insurance company if you do not turn in an accident that someone else who was at fault turned in to there policy?

As long as the other company accepts liability you don't have to notify your insurance company. Also as long as no one in your vehicle was injured you shouldn't have any problem. If you do have trouble your carrier or agent can assist you with the claim. If anyone was injured in your vehicle and depending on state law your insurance company may have to pay "med pay" claims. Med Pay is a form of coverage that usually has smaller limits and is designed to pay medical expenses no matter who is at fault and it pays for you and your passengers up to the limit on your policy. If there were no injuries there should be no problem.

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