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How can a person find out which check system has recorded bad checks?


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You can go to: and get your Chexsystems Report. There is only one Chexsystems. This report will show you who reported your "bad checks". If you need a checking account go to: == == call telechex- they will tell you who has the information about you.


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A manager's check is a secure check that is issued by a bank for the person who purchases the check. Manager's checks are used for transactions where personal checks are not accepted. They are also called cashier's checks, official checks, or treasurer's checks.

Checks, for the noun. As a verb, "check" is the plural, and the 3rd person singular form is "checks."

using the system of checks and balances

A third party check is a check is written to one person and that person endorces it and gives it to another person.

Cashier's checks, also known as bank checks, manager's checks, or teller's checks, are checks that the remitter (person paying with the check) has purchased from a bank. The bank immediately secures funds for the check by withdrawing those funds from the remitter's bank account or accepting cash from the remitter. This means that the cashier's check represents what is known as "guaranteed funds" because the bank making the check has already secured the money. When you write a personal check, you are saying you have the money available for the person who is receiving the check. Although you ultimately MUST pay them, there is no guarantee to them that the funds will be available when they attempt to cash your check. But when you purchase a cashier's check, the bank is verifying that the money has been secured for the person receiving the check. As long as the check is not fraudulent, the person receiving the check knows the check will not be returned.

The purpose of both these instruments is the same - Transfer of funds from one person to another. A Paper check is an instrument where one person signs the check and issues it to another. The person who receives it can get the amount mentioned on the check. An e-check is an instrument where one person issues it to pay another person but there is no paper involved. Everything is electronic. e-checks are faster and more convenient than paper checks. It is environmentally friendly too

Because we are not a monarchy and absolute power in the hands of one person is dangerous. It's a system of checks and balances for the good of the people.

The system of Checks and Balances is when each branch checks the power of the other branch to make sure the power is blanced between them

He checks for any irregularities and checks if all the instruments are working in proper condition. He makes a total check of the aircraft.

No. Only the person who issued the check to you can replace the stale dated check. Banks do not have any authority to reissue state dated checks to people to whom checks were issued by their account customers. You need to contact the person who gave you the check and ask for a replacement check.

It is the responsibility of the person who issued the bad check to pay for it.

The person who does a background check at a company is typically your human resources.

An internal check to prevent fraud in regard to wages and the payroll department is the system of having more than one person sign a check before it is issued to the employee. Another internal check in the payroll department is making sure that checks to employees are paid only on certain days. This means no payroll checks will be issued before paydays.

Cheques/Checks types: 1)Bearer Checks - Normal checks that will paid to the person who has his/her name as the check payee 2)Account Payee Checks - checks that will be paid only into the bank account of the person to whom the check is issued to 3)Travelers' Checks - equivalent to foreign currency and can be cashed into the currency denominated in it, at any bank in the target country. For ex: If I carry USD travelers checks, I can cash it with any bank in the USA 4)Bankers Checks - Checks issued by banks that can be used as cash equivalent

checks and balances is the system were the legislative, executive and judicial branches check each other to make sure they are not abusing their power.

checks and balances are a system that gives each branch of government diffrent powers so that each branch can check the authority of the others

A check verification system can vary from bank to bank, but most use a variety of watermarks, ID checks and network communications to ensure the validity of a check.

All checks require a payee. Payee is the person who is going to use the check and get the money. You cannot issue a check that does not have a payee.

The presidential power to pardon checks the judicial system.

You have one year to cash your federal check. Rules on state checks vary by state.

No. Checks that are older than 90 days (180 days in some countries) are considered stale or expired checks. They are checks that no longer carry a value and no bank would cash such a check. So, a check from 1999 is expired and there is no way you can get money for it.

Yes, a person with a bank account (a depositor) can write a check against that account for a sum of money. The person given the check (who the check is made out to) then presents it to their bank and the banks between them move the money from the account of the person who wrote the check to the account of the person who was given the check.

The system of Checks and Balances in your government( most likely the US) is a system of government in which the three branched legislative executive and judicial check on each other to prevent one branch from getting too powerful.

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