How can a person get into the music industry without singing or rapping?

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If you can't sing or rap, you might have the potential to break

into the music industry by dancing, becoming an agent, a props

person, lighting technician or a by forming a record label. Keep in

mind that in this particular industry, it's 'who you know', not

'what you know'. But consider an education a smart backup plan.

Another answer:

If you are not a singer, the most obvious way to get into the

music industry is by becoming a musician. There is a demand for

people who can play an instrument very well, although the size of

the market depends a lot on the instrument that you play. Like any

profession, it takes training, dedication and hard work. It is not

a high-paying profession and fame is unlikely, but most musicians

would not be happy doing anything else. Professional musicians

typically earn a living by three means: performing, recording and

teaching; it is rare to be able to generate a good income from just

one of those activities.

Bear in mind, also, that the recording industry is

shrinking--and it has been for the last ten years. The advance of

technology makes it possible for musicians to make and sell

high-quality recordings without being attached to a record label.

There are fewer jobs for studio musicians, so musicians must rely

more on performing for income. That also applies to audio

engineers; the number of recording studios has declined

dramatically, so they apply their skills in live venues.

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