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by becoming involved with groups other than one's own refence group

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Q: How can a person overcome prejudice?
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What did he do to overcome prejudice and discrimination?


How does respect overcome prejudice?

Prejudice is a lack of respect, therefore respect overcomes prejudice in the act.

What did Lyndon Johnson say when he addressed Americans after the Selma march?

That all Americans should work to overcome prejudice.

What are words that help you overcome Prejudice?

Love, peace, and unique.

What did Martin Luther King do to overcome prejudice?

made a speech

What obstacles did Amelia Earhart have to overcome?

Amelia Earhart had to first overcome prejudice and the obvious problem of money

What force in society was the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s most trying to overcome?

Prejudice. (APEX) !/

Why did martin Luther king work to overcome prejudice and discrimination?

because it was unfair

How can a person be prejudice but not a racist?

A person can prejudice another person but not be a racist by always being positive and tolerant.

How do you over come homosexuality?

Homosexuality is not something you can overcome. The idea it can and or should be overcame reflects that that person thinks homosexuality is something bad and wrong. If there is something that should be overcome is the prejudice against homosexuality not homosexuality itself. So if you want to "overcome homosexuality" then simple accept who you are and what other people are. You would be happier that way.

Who is the hero in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?

Darcy could be considered as the hero in Pride an Prejudice. When Lydia eloped with Wickham, Darcy was the one who went and look for them and settled all the necessary problems and trouble which could have brought to the Bennets family. As a result, Elizabeth was thankful to Darcy for all that he had done for her family despite the way she treated him initially.

What lessons does elizabeth learn in Pride and Prejudice?

Elizabeth learns that first impressions don't always matter and she is also able to overcome her prejudice against Darcy in the end.

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