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How can a person ride on the wind of holy spirit?


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September 21, 2011 12:39PM

I wonder where you have heard this phrase?

In the book of Acts (in the Bible) the Holy Spirit is described as appearing with a sound like a rushing wind. Is that what you are thinking of?

If you want to know and experience the Holy Spirit, you first need to put your trust in Jesus Christ and repent of your sins (any wrong things you have said, done or thought). When you become a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in you - your body is a temple for Him. He enables you to be saved and to live how Jesus wants you to. He changes you so that you become more like Jesus, closer to perfection, and you can overcome sin in your life. He prays in you when you don't know how to pray or you feel like you don't have the right words to say to God. And there are many more effects which you can read about in the New Testament part of the Bible, especially 1 Corinthians.