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A person from Mexico that is currently here in the US and would like to get a divorce from a spouse in Mexico can file for a divorce. They must provide:name of spouse he/she would like to divorce still in Mexico, address, and provide information on how long applicant(person filing for the divorce in U.S.) has been in the U.S. with documentation like a ITIN, used for tax purpose and were the applicant works. Can be done without a lawyer, but the correct paper work has to be file and make an appointment to come in front of a judge.

AnswerHowever, if the person is a tourist and is not a legal resident of any US state, he/she cannot get divorced in the US.
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Q: How can a person who is in the US 8 months as a tourist from Mexico get a divorce in the US if the spouse lives in Mexico?
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How can someone who is in the USA as a tourist from Mexico get divorced from his wife who lives in Mexico?

A person on a tourist visa would not be eligible to file for divorce in the United States. The person would need to return to Mexico to file for a divorce according to the established laws.

Can a person married in Mexico get a divorce in Alabama?


Can an illegal immigrant file for divorce in the US from a spouse in Mexico?

Divorce law is governed by each individual state in the US. If a person meets the minimum residency requirement of their state (usually six months or so) they can go to court and request a divorce. Residency just means living in the state. It is not the same as citizenhip. A valid US divorce is valid in all parts of the US. Mexican law and treaties determine whether a US divorce decree is valid in Mexico. A certified transcript of the US divorce may have to be presented in Mexico to make it valid in Mexico. See: Illegal Alien Divorce for a more complete answer.

How can a Mexican citizen living in the US obtain a divorce from a Mexican citizen living in Mexico that he has not lived with in years so that he may remarry in the United States?

You would start the the divorce preceedings. If you know where the person lives in Mexico then you would send the papers to them via the mail with signature confirmation to prove that they were served. If the person does not respond within so many weeks or months then the divorce will still go through. If you do not know where they live then you can also post an ad in the newspaper looking for that person - this shows that you are attempting to locate the person, and if they still do not respond then the divorce with still go through. However, if the marriage was performed in Mexico, the divorce decree must have an official translation into Spanish, have an astillo issued by the Secretary of State in the state where you obtain the divorce, and MUST be "attached" to the marriage license at the Civil Registry in the state of Mexico where it was performed.

Can a marriage in Mexico be dissolved by a US divorce?

Once a marriage is recognized by law in Mexico, someone has to clear with the Mexican authorities first before it can be dissolved. The person should file for the divorce in Mexico and not the USA.

How long do you need to be separated before divorce in Tennessee?

There is no specific time a person must be separated before they can file divorce in Tennessee. A divorce can take up to 3 months or longer in the state.

What if you marry in Mexico then marry someone else in the USA then divorce the person you married in Mexico do you then have to remarry the person you married in the USA for that marriage to be legal?

The real question here is, did you register your divorce in Mexico with the US embassy or councilate? If you did then you may have just found yourself in a legal bind. If the marriage in Mexico was never registered in the US then you are probably in the clear. Check it out with a lawyer just to be on the safe side.

What if you marry an illegal immigrant and want a divorce but they are in Mexico?

You would file for divorce at your local courthouse and serve the other party by publication (taking out an ad in a newspaper telling the other person about the divorce filing).

Can a person married in Mexico get a divorce in the us?

Yes, you can obtain a divorce in the US. You will have to present the appropriate documents, perhaps with translations, but pretty much any attorney can handle it.

How long do you need to be a resident in pa to be able to file for divorce?

A person is required to be a legal resident of Pennsylvania in order to file for divorce. To become a legal resident of Pennsylvania, a person must have lived there for at least 6 months.

Can a accused person from India can travel to Canada on tourist visa?

no they cannot if they have served more than 6 months in jail

What are some of the most notable tourist destinations a person should visit during Mexico travel?

There are many notable tourists destinations a person may visit while traveling in Mexico. Some places of interest include Mexico's many volcanoes, beaches, and villages. A person may also choose to visit temple ruins in Mexico. There are many Maya and Aztec ruins a person may visit.

Can a person married in New york state be divorced in Texas?

If the person who is filing for divorce has resided in Texas for at least 6 months, then yes, they can be divorced in Texas. If they have resided in Texas for less than 6 months, then they have to file in the state they are a legal resident of. If the person residing in Texas is not the petitioner of the divorce, then they can be divorced as long as the petitioner has filed in the state that THEY are a legal resident of.

Do US citizens who were married in Mexico have to file for divorce in America?

Usually a person files for divorce in their current resident state. If your Mexican marriage is recognized as legal by the U.S. then you will have to file in America if that is where you are living

Can a person with an American tourist visa travel to Mexico?

Yes. Recent immigration laws allow for any foreign national who has a US travel visa to also visit Mexico. Don't forget your passport.

Who is domestic tourist?

a domestic tourist is a person who travels in his/her country

What is a excursionist tourist?

an Excursionist tourist is a person who goes on an excursion (trip)

What is the difference tourist and tourism?

A tourist is a person. Tourism is the act of touring.

What is it called when people get a divorce that does not place blame on either person?

When people get a divorce that does not place blame on either person is called no-fault divorce!

How long must a person be a resident of Tennessee before filing for a divorce?

The typical timeframe varies from 6 months to a year. You can, of course, always file for divorce in the state you were married in, even if neither spouse lives there anymore.

How do you divorce an illegal immigrant who went back to Mexico 2 years ago?

If you get a lawyer, he will explain that you can get a divorce from anybody and that they do not have to be present at the court hearing. A summons will be sent to him and if not found in a certain amount of time you can run an ad in a local paper for so many days or weeks. Once the court date comes around and the person does not show up in court, the judge will grant you the divorce and this person will still have to file for a divorce from you when they decide that they want to be divorced from you. In other words you will be divorce from them but they will not be divorced from you.

If you divorce and remarry the same person does that persons custodial rights get reinstated or does the divorce decree stand if you divorce again?

If you divorce and remarry the same person and later divorce again, the first divorce agreement does not become "reinstated." You must go through the entire divorce process again by signing and agreeing to the divorce terms.

How does a person become a tourist?

someone becomes a tourist when they are settled in the climate that they travel to.

What does tourist mean to a country?

the word tourist means a person on vacation to a state it does not live on. For example : When i went to Hawaii i was a tourist

What if a person is convicted under German criminal case for 4 months and his name is in the state computer can he still file for a divorce from his wife if he was convicted because of her complaint?

Yes, if a person is convicted under German law and serves 4 months of jail time, he can still file for a divorce from his wife. As a matter of fact, the courts would most likely not only allow it, but also expect it.