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One can obtain a personal loan from the Citi Bank by filling out the loan application form. It will take at least a week or two for the Citi Bank to review the application.

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Where can one get a Citibank personal loan?

To get a Citibank personal loan, one can go to an actual Citibank branch and apply in person, in which you will need to bring a form of identification. You can also apply on their site as well.

Does Citibank offer good rates on a car loan?

Citibank does not offer a specific loan under the name of "car loan". They do offer a line of credit under personal loans. You can obtain a loan in the amount of $10,000 to $50,000 with a fixed rate starting at 10.49% APR. I would shop around to see if you consider that to be a good rate.

Where is it possible to get personal loans with the Bank of America?

To get a personal loan from Bank of America one must contact someone at a branch of the bank to see if they qualify for a personal loan. The representative will fill out the required paperwork and if qualified the personal loan can be obtained.

Where in the UK can one get a personal secured loan?

A personal secured loan in the UK can be obtained from companies such as Virgin or Barclays. It is a good idea to compare the rates of interest and terms on a site such as uSwitch to make sure the best deal is being obtained.

How can one get loans from CitiBank?

To get loans from Citibank, you will need to contact a loan officer and discuss your loan needs. Be prepared to have all of your detailed financial information ready.

How should you prepare for a Citibank loan consolidation?

In order to consolidate your Citibank loan you will combine several loans into one and have one monthly payment. You will get a low interest rate which in turn lowers your monthly payment.

How does one apply for a Bank of America personal loan?

Bank of America's person loan applications can be obtained online at their website, by speaking with a customer service agent at a branch, or by calling them.

Where can one obtain a Citibank Corporate Card?

A Citibank Corporate Card may be obtained directly from Citibank as long as the bank approves the card for the business which is applying. In order to be approved, the business should have an excellent credit rating.

What services does Citibank offer?

Citibank, like all banks, offers services include the followings: investments, savings, loan, mortgage, credit cards, etc. From time to time, Citibank offers promotions and one should check regularly with their local branches of Citibank.

Where can one find fast personal loans?

Fast personal loans can be obtained at a bank at which you have an account. If you are eligible for a loan you should be able to get the money there and then or you can have the amount transferred into your bank account. You can also get a personal loan quickly through pay day loan sites, however these will have a higher interest rate and can often be hard to keep up payments.

What is a Post Office personal loan?

A Post Office personal loan is a competitive personal loan with various amounts. One can ask for a Post Office personal loan for different periods of time.

What is the personal loan interest rates in India?

Personal Loan Interest Rates varies from bank to bank. Best lender for personal loan with low interest rate is Buddy Loan India.

What are some reputable loan lenders?

There are reputable loan lenders include banks like CitiBank and Citizen's Bank. There are many loan lenders that are scams. You need to be careful when selecting a lender.

What does the company Citibank UAE do?

The company "Citibank UAE" is a division of the "Citibank" financial establishment, based in the United Arab Emirates. The company offers a similar service to its American counterpart, offering both personal and commercial banking.

Where could one get a personal loan from?

One could get a personal loan from friends or family. Failing that, one could also get a personal loan from a bank. Speak with a loan officer for more information.

Pay a personal loan off with a credit card?

All you can know about personal loan from this site. http://personal-loan-info.freehostia.com/ It will help you a lot as it helped me.

How do you find the payoff balance on a personal loan?

How do you find the payoff balance on a personal loan?

Can you get a student loan not disbursed through your college?

Wells Fargo and Citibank disburse loans straight to the student

In general would interest rates for a personal loan be lower or high than those for a business loan?

In general the interest rates for a personal loan would be higher than for a business loan. The risk of losing money with business loan is not as high as with personal loan.

Do I need a reason for a personal loan?

Mostly, there is no reason needed for the personal loan while applying. But in some of the banks as well as corporate finance institutes, they needed a reason for the personal loan while applying for a loan.

Who do you contact when scammed on loan?

Personal loan for foreclosure

Personal Auto Loans?

When people start thinking about purchasing a car they also start thinking about applying for a personal auto loan. Some people go to a local bank to see if they qualify for a personal loan; however, some choose to go about the process a simpler way by going online and applying for personal auto loans. One of the best parts about getting a personal auto loan online is a person can do it right from their comfort of their own home. When applying for a personal auto loan online the only thing a person has to do is fill out a few short forms. Most times a person can receive a response as to whether they are approved or not in as little as an hour. It is wise to compare personal auto loan rates with several lenders so the best personal auto loan can be obtained. The lower rates a lender offers the more money a person will be able to save.

Can you get a personal loan attached to a new home loan?

If you have equity, you can get an equity loan

Which bank provid Personal Loan in Pune - Interest Rate Starts at 10.75?

iServefinancial provide you personal loan in pune. And also provide online personal loan in pune

What is the main difference between a commercial loan company and a personal loan company?

The main difference is that only a business can receive a commercial loan, and only an individual can receive a personal loan. Also, a commercial loan can only be used for business purposes, while a personal loan can be used for anything.

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