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How can a roofing contractor get affordable insurance with such a closed market in Oklahoma?


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You will need to contact some agents in your area to assist you, if you can find no help or referals, contact your states dept. of insurance.


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If you're looking for a roofing contractor in the Knoxville, TN area, you should try Titan Exteriors. To contact them by phone, call (865) 277-1367. They can work with your insurance company to save you time and hassle, and they are certified by the Better Business Bureau.

The only answer one can give on this is 'it depends'. Usually it is more expensive than homeowners insurace, but less than workers compensation or liability insurance on a roofing contractor.

As with all commercial insurance, it really just depends on the scope and volume of operations undertaken by the roofing contractor. The more jobs you take on, the more chance that something may go wrong. If you only do 4 or 5 roofs per year, then your coverage would be much cheaper than a roofer who does 150 roofs per year.

The roofing industry uses certifications to recognize contractors who meet a strict set of standards established by suppliers or organizations. Certified contractor companies show they go the extra mile to learn about roofing tools and materials. This knowledge shows through in long-lasting material selection and high-quality workmanship.Magnolia Roofing!

Costs will vary with geographical location, choice of roofing material, condition of existing roof, and the skills of the contractor.

As per law, the reasonable down payment for a roofing contractor will be 10 percent of the contract price or one thousand dollars whichever is the lesser amount

Replacing a worn roof adds monetary and aesthetic value to a home. A properly installed roofing system protects against damage to a home's structure. An important consideration to make when considering roofing options is doing the proper research to secure a quality roofing contractor to install the roofing system. Plenty of roofing contractors offer value pricing but the level of craftsmanship varies greatly. A trusted roofing contractor takes the time to discuss the project in detail including shingle brands and warranties available. The best warranties are available to a roofing contractor who uses quality materials, placing a priority on premium products and application. Established contractors that move a lot of product have discounts with local suppliers and offer pricing that matches an lesser experienced contractor that is paying a higher price for lesser quality products due to how little he purchases annually or the lack of time he has been in the industry. Staff employed by a roofing contractor is an important factor in selecting the company that will complete the roof. A top-notch staff operates a job site well, minimizing disturbance to landscaping and maintaining professionalism when communicating with homeowners. It is important to ensure that the job is managed by an individual who is skilled in roofing application to ensure that any problems within the home's structure are noticed and handled correctly and efficiently. It is not inappropriate to question the length of time staff has been employed. A roofing contractor taking great pride in his work is happy to share references with potential clients. A roofing contractor without a reference list should be avoided. Other red flags are lack of insurance, short history in the industry and complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau. Agreements should be put into a contract including project start date, warranty terms and name brands of materials. Selecting a roofing contractor established in the industry affords customers a positive experience when making a significant home repair such as roofing system application.

9 Things To Do When Your Roof Leaks First, control the interior damage as quickly as possible. Remove the water. Call your insurance agent. Inspect the roof, inside and out. Clear the gutters and downspouts. Inspect the flashing. Look for hidden damage. Check for pests. Call a licensed roofing contractor. Re-roofing can be expensive, so be sure to get several estimates from different contractors before selecting someone to do the work. Verify that the contractor you choose is licensed, has insurance and will apply for the proper municipal permits to do the work. Do not allow the contractor to begin work on the house if permits have not been issued and make sure the contractor replaces all of the damaged wood prior to re-roofing the house. After the roof work is complete, ask the contractor to go over proper roof maintenance with you, and be sure to get a final inspection from your municipal housing authority.

yes,JW Roofing and sheet metal is a highly qualified roofing specialist,call 865 223 5580. You can trust with any roofing or sheet metal job. They specialize in:-roofing service -sheet metal -installation and repair

I am a roofer and i get paid by the square. i make about 45 000 in the 6 month roofing season befor taxes.

Centimark and Tecta are the top two, but the largest privately owned roofing contractor is Baker Roofing Company, headquartered in Raleigh, NC.

Becoming a certified roofing contractor is a good way to prove to your clients that you are experienced and knowledgeable in your field. Not only will the training and education you gain allow you to be more confident and professional in your work, but having a certification can make you more appealing to potential customers. There are no national certification programs, as each state sets its own guidelines and operates their own certification programs, but many of the requirements are similar from state to state, allowing you to start the process of becoming certified immediately.

Aluminum roofing may be cheaper and much more affordable than steel roofing however, steel roofing has proven to be much more reliable. It can resist different weather conditions and lasts much longer than aluminum.

There are great deals of ways to keep the roof in good shape. Some of these may need going up on the roofing for ocular examination of tearing, rust (for the metal roof), molds and mildew (for shingles or slab), fractures (for tiles and slate) and other damage that might have formed. Any of these things can take place depending on the type of climate in the area your house lies.Magnolia Roofing is a Preferred Roofing Contractor with Owens Corning. Magnolia Roofing is also Atlas Roofing Corporation certified. Magnolia Roofing is a winner of the Angies List Super Service Award. A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau. GAF Certified and a member of our local St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce.

Dear Roofing Contractors, Are you interested in starting a profitable roofing business? Are you already in the roofing industry and would like to generate more leads? The My Own Roofing Business Course covers, Business Start-up Marketing Techniques Operations Forms and Insurance Breakdown Closing and Making a Profit Much More... If you would like more information on growing an insurance based roofing business then visit Thanks, My Own Roofing Business Team

There is one "Shelton Roofing" in 1245 Thompson Avenue (831.464.4120) that has home assistance, or "America Roofing" 2500 Soquel Dr (831.476.5772)

Thanks for asking us for a roofing quote. We charge $2,000.00 for an average home. This, of course, includes all roofing materials unless you would like to buy something more expensive. Please let me know if we can be of service to you.

You should check out places like Yelp or Angie's List for contractor and roofing company reviews. Also talk to friends and neighbors to see who took care of their roofing needs.

They can repair or replace the roof on your home in the event or a storm or major damage. However, you need to know what these professionals will do for you when they arrive at your home. There are a few things that every roofer should do when they are checking our your roof, and you should make sure that the roofer you hire goes through all these steps with you. When the roofer is willing to walk you through every step, you will get the best possible results for your roof repair or replacement.

probably got to be white. since im black i never been hired by any white people do do sub work or anything. im on my 16th year as a roofing contractor. all i can say is racism is still alive because theres nobody hiring a black brother who has mastered the roofing trade as Tiger Woods mastererd Golf

It is generally a good idea to let a licensed contractor work on any roofing.The permit process alone can be quite a hassle and best left to others to complete for you, but it can also open up the possibility of your insurance company blaming your unlicensed work for any damages or repairs and refuse to pay out a claim.

Throughout the seasons, it is easy for roofs to show signs of wear and tear. All too often, roofs can become demolished from snow and other harmful elements. The elements can even be so rough that they ruin an entire roof. It is important for a person to hire a great roofing contractor, if one has suffered damage to a roof of a home. This article will discuss how to find a great roofing contractor that understands your needs and will work for a great price. First off, be sure to ask around. Ask neighbors if they have ever used a roofing contractor before. Be sure to get the specific name from a company, rather than just the name of a company that does roofing. Also, it might be a good idea to ask a family member for any references as well. One may even have a roofing contractor that is in the family and not even know it! Another great idea is to interview all of the roofing contractors one has names for. Be sure to invite them over to look at the roof and get an estimate of how much it will cost for the project. If a roof is damaged, be sure to see how much money it will cost to repair the roof. This is a great way to see which roofing contractors are honest and which may simply be dishonest people. Some roofing contractors may try to exaggerate the damage and tell you that the repairs will be thousands of dollars, when the reality is that the damages may only be a few hundred dollars. After interviewing the roofing contractors and getting estimates, go with the one who you felt most comfortable with and trusted. This is probably going to be your best bet and is likely one who had an estimate that fell somewhere in the middle between the high prices and low prices. It is a good idea to choose this sort of roofing contractor, because you will be working with him or her for the next few months. Overall, by following the tips here, you should have no problem finding a great roofing contractor.

As a homeowner on of the most important tasks you have is to assure the safety and maintenance of your home. This includes finding the right person to do repairs around the house. One of the most important contractors you need to pick is the roofing contractor that will work on the very item that protects you from all the elements. The roof of your home is too important to select this one incorrectly. 1) A roofing contractor can be found in many different ways. Start with the local Better Business Bureau. They will have a list of all the contractors who are members as well as those that have complaints against them. 2) The local construction union will also have a roofing contractor or two as recommended businesses. You can use these two sources to get a very good list of a contractor by you. 3) Next, set up times for estimates from the list you have compiled. A reputable roofing contractor will be willing to give you a free estimate for the work that needs to be completed on your roof. And in many cases you should be able to get a free estimate as well. 4) Find out what the warranty is that each of your contractors will be giving you. Any roofing contractor that does not offer a warranty should be eliminated from your search. The labor and materials should both have some type of warranty with the materials being a longer period, in many cases 10 years or longer. 5) Determine the price differentials between the contractors. Keep in mind items such as clean up and how long the job will take. 6) After you have compared all these factors you should be able to decide which roofing contractor is the one for you. It is very important that you are comfortable with the one you select so if it does not feel right” don’t use the contractor. Sometimes the best indicator of the contractor you should use is how comfortable you are when you interview them. If you follow the tips above you have a much better chance of finding a roofing contractor that will complete the job for you and do so in a satisfactory manner.

Possibly. When a check is cut by an insurer, typically the mortgage company and the insured are on the check but not necessarily the contractor. If all three are already on it is likely very hard to have the insurer re-issue the check to take the contractors name off.

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