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Do like my mom did. She sat us down and told us about sex and STD's. What really got us was the pictures of STD's, that was something to scare us from having sex until we were married:) My mom got the information from a local health department for free. Good luck and God Bless:) You sound like a wonderful, caring mom:) I loved the other posters advice "out of the mouths of babes" even though I am sure the poster is older now. LOL Sorry mom, this is a tough one. I agree with the above poster and that's all you can do. Be sure your teens know about AIDS, HIV, Herpes and Gohnerreah is on the rise again. Along with good sexual advice be sure they also know about safe sex and date rape drugs (not only do young girls have to be worried about it, but some girls are using it on the guys!) The kids of today actually know more about sex then we did. Please don't fall into the trap of living through your children. They will make mistakes and hopefully not bad ones, but you can't expect because you made mistakes growing up that you can put them in a plastic bubble. To stave off pregnancy set it up if you can where your teens (boys/girls) get to look after a friend's baby for a couple of days. Your friend can pretend to be ill and need help and this way your teen will have to get up at all hours to feed and change the baby, bath the baby, clean up vomit, etc. I think after two to three days of this they will have second thoughts. LOL You are a great mom and keep up the good work. God Bless Marcy

2006-09-05 06:36:00
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Q: How can a single mother be firm enough with her teenage children so that they can understand how sexual abstinence until marriage prevents unwanted pregnancies and STDs?
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