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If he is gay, he will likely not be interested in you. If he is a swinger, he will ikely try to get you involved. The most important thing is to get the know him and trust the feeling you have about whether he is trust worthy. This is the most important consideration in a relationship and should not be taken lightly if you are making an emotional investment. If you have doubts, you are likely right. I have a private detective friend who does relationships who I ask "How many of the people you check out are cheating?" His answer: "All of them, trust you feelings". Go with your instinct, trust yourself. You could just ask but he may lie. Talk to his friends , family, his ex maybe? But this would only apply if your instincts have been good in the past. If he has healthy sexual urges, then he is probably not a sexual deviant. Just talk to him about it. You just need to be open and honest with each other. You cant control your feelings or your sexual preferences in life, nobody chooses to be gay, straight or bisexual. So just talk with him sometime and be open about your thoughs (not judgemental), he needs to be comfortable and feel like you arent going to judge him. Just leaving him will not answer anything, Everyone has a freaky side to them.... Just make it comfortable...


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Well, think about it. Man- Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. Woman-Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. The man can have a woman. The woman can have a man. Therefore, they can have a "straight" relationship.

Nobody turns bisexual. If a woman is bisexual, she has always been bisexual.

Single straight guys, or single bisexual/lesbian woman are looking for girlfriends at the moment. Keep looking, there's tens of millions out there.

ask him How can a woman tell if a man she is dating is bisexual?

Yes, Dave is married to a woman named Laura, Jake WAS married, but is now divorced and dating a woman named Kari, Tommy's a swinger, and I'm not sure if Chris is married, but he is not single......yet...

You can tell if a woman is bisexual in a few ways. The common ways to tell if a woman is bisexual is her clothing and the way she looks at other women.

You can tell her your bisexual and see what she does. OR YOU CAN IMPREGNATE HER. You can tell her your bisexual and see what she does. OR YOU CAN IMPREGNATE HER.

Yes, a bisexual is a man or a woman who sees men, and women they can like.

she's admitted she has bisexual tendancies and she has fancied woman before, but says she has never done anything with another woman :)

yes i think she is a bisexual like amber thomas she woman and male

Yes. Frank has admitted in an interview to being bisexual though he is married to a woman.

If he likes men, he is homosexual. If he likes woman, he is heterosexual, if he likes both, he is bisexual.

No. Women are either straight, bi or lesbians. Not all men are bisexual either.

A woman who is interested in men and other woman romantically/sexually is bisexual.

Craigslist uses mw4mw, for man and woman on man and woman, but other sites may use different abbreviations.

Depending on the gender, they are called one of the following: 1. bisexual transgender woman 2. bisexual transgender man 3. bisexual non-binary person

actually, she's bisexual. And bisexual means she'll date a Man or Woman, as long as she's loved. Most emo in America are Bisexual.

There is gay, straight, and bisexual. A man who dates a woman would be STRAIGHT.

It means that they have Man and woman "parts".

If she eats pussy...she is a lesbian (or bisexual).

Become a woman. Find a bisexual female.

well it DEPENDS cuz she can change from sraight to bisexual but rite now shes not no beyonce is not bisexual n bisexual means when u like man and woman hope dat helps u alot

More females are bisexual then lezbian, but only 5-7% of females are truly bisexual. At young ages, often high school, females have bisexual curiosity, and tendancies, but this doesn't make them bisexual. If they are not willing to have a relationship just like they would with a man, then they are not bisexual. Bisexual means that you like both man and woman.

Yes, absolutely - an O positive woman and an O positive man can have a healthy baby.

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