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You can receive a credit card for a small business by approaching your local bank or credit union. Chances are if you had the capital to start your business you also have the credit needed to receive a credit card.


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They say it is the credit card company that does it and they put it back it 2 business days.

Business owners who do not have a perfect credit or collateral to provide are still able to get authorized and get hold of funding. Because business cash advances are depending on future credit card sales, personal credit records isn't taken into consideration as a great deal as when applying for a small business loans from banks.

Most hotels require a credit card to hold your reservation. When you check-in, you can pay for the room with your credit card or with cash.

Possibly. If the business refuses to authorize the charges, the card user could be held responsible. If the card user signed an agreement of accountability, he will definitely be held responsible. Your best course of action is to try to work with the business who contracted the card to resolve this.

i think the password of you account. like if you have a credit card(ADCB,ADIB,NBID) any card. the credit card company also have a website which allows you to see your money in the credit card maybe not sure.

You should get a hold of a debt consolidator who will then go to bat for you with your credit card companies. They will work out a settlement that can be agreed upon by both the credit card company and yourself.

You should not have your credit card information on your 'phone. If your 'phone is stolen or lost you are open to fraud. The credit card company can hold you liable for negligence and will not make reparations.

House Hold bank is the company offering credit cards or there is Visa Credit card which is also offering Household credit cards or Capital One is also offering credit cards.

There is a Universal Wallet Leather Case w/ Credit Card Holder & Clip that will hold your cell phone too.

If one is looking to hold a credit card in style, then one could complete an online purchase for a leather credit card holder through one's local Amazon store.

It goes on the credit reports as a delinquencyAnswer:If you don't pay your credit card debt then to your creditor may take you to civil court and can get a judgment to hold your property. There are other penalty as well if you dont pay your credit card debt.

If a card was received and used by the named person then a contract is implied and there does not need to be a written, signed agreement.

Your ability to obtain an unsecured credit card will depend on your credit score. As your credit score rises you will become eligible. Try checking it after a year of making on time payments on your unsecured card.

It's probably a reference to the deposit hold put on your credit card at the time of rental. In such cases, the amount of the deposit is not actually charged to your card, but a "hold" is placed on that amount (basically, reserving that amount of money against your maximum charge limit). For example, if your credit card limit is $5,000, and a deposit hold of $250 is put on that card, your limit becomes $4,750 during the time that hold is active, because $250 is being earmarked for the rental company in case it is needed in the future.

At 17 you can have a credit card, although since they are still under 18 they are unable to legally hold the card on their own; they would need to be either cosigner or an authorized user on an adult's (i.e. 18 yrs or older) credit card.

What sort of question is this? Are they going to hold a gun to your head if you don't? No business in America can force you to do anything, well except maybe the credit card companies...

I contacted Avis directly today and I go the following response: " We require a credit card hold of total estimate charges or $200 (whichever is greater)." So that means, if your estimates are over $200, say $300 bucks for a rental then you will have a total credit card hold of $600 bucks.

Because that is a very small memory card.

It can be rough not having good credit, especially when you need a credit card. You will almost always be turned down for a card when you have a poor history. So consider bad credit cards when you need a card and don't know where to turn. You can secure your card by using your own cash to borrow against. Most cards allow you to start by depositing a few hundred of your own dollars into your account, which you can then use as your own line of credit. You can use this type of credit card to rebuild credit while enjoying your own personal card.

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If you have paid using a credit card, you are responsible for the entire amount. Ask Priceline if they intend to put the charges through while holding the room. Also, inquire what the cancellation policy is.

Responsibly pay your debt, or arrange repayment terms and hold to them.

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