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You can use index funds or exchange traded funds to track a broader market index. This gives you exposure to many different types of companies, without your individual research required. Furthermore, your money is allocated between many sectors, so if financial companies hit a rough patch, perhaps your oil companies will be doing well. For large-cap (large-cap = big company!) international exposure, there are a lot of good options for you. The most diversified funds will have exposure to the largest sectors of the US economy, and are generally linked to a broad market index (like the Dow Jones or S&P). For diversification, stick with the index funds, as they will incorporate a variety of company types. The most widely held index fund type is the S&P 500 index funds. These, however do not diversify down into mid and small caps. or international. One might want to ad these other indeces as well for a more diversified portfolio. bonds also need to be diversified - a total stock bond index fund is a good start there...look at VTSAX, VGTSX and VBMFX as a starting point-other companies have these type funds. If you wish to own individual stocks, over 1100 companies have Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs). These are companies that, at a minimum, allow you to reinvest your dividends in their stock at no fees. Many of these companies have Optional Cash Purchase Plans (OCPs) that allow you to purchase additional shares in the company at no fee. Usually, you must own at least 1 share in the company. After that you can register in the DRP and purchase shares with the dividends or through the OCP. See the link for more information on DRPs.

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What is sketches for your folio?

If you are an artist you may have sketches in your portfolio. If you are an investor you may have stock certificates.

How does one use stock options?

One uses stock options as an opportunity to diversify their holdings beyond traditional investments and to protect one's portfolio against unwanted risks.

Who was affected by the stock market crash?

deifnitely a small investor

How do you earn money in stock markets?

Buy low and sell high baby! ************************** You can either invest in growth stocks and wait until they increase in value, or you can invest in stocks that pay the investor a dividend for each share of the company they are investing in. Most people diversify and allot a percentage of their portfolio to various sectors of the market.

What is a stock portfolio?

A stock portfolio is all the stocks that you own. I would venture to say that if you had one stock in any company, you would have one stock in your portfolio. If you had 5 different stocks, you would have a total of 5 stocks in your portfolio.

What are ETFs in connection with the Canadian stock market?

An ETF is an Exchange Traded Funds. It allows an investor to purchase a large portfolio of stocks, diversifying an investment. Many of these securities are available on the Canadian stock exchange.

What is an investor?

An Investor is someone who buys stocks..Eg..I am a investor becasue i by into a stock

Model test paper of ncfm investment analysis and portfolio management?

A portfolio comprises of two stock A and B. Stock A gives a return of 9% and Stock B gives a return of 6%. Stock A has a weight of 60% in the portfolio. What is the portfolio return?

What does market return mean?

Market return is the return on the market as a whole, called the market portfolio. A return in the stock market is the yield or profit that an investor earns from a security.

What are the trade-offs facing an investor who is considering writing a call option on an existing portfolio?

You balance the ability to lock in a profit by selling the stock after it passes a certain price, against the possibility you could get more by selling the stock on the open market.

What are the function of a fund manager?

The fund manager is the experienced investor who invests the fund assets on behalf of the fund house & investors into the stock markets. He decides the sector allocations, buy/sell strategies etc. His goal is to maximize investor wealth by choosing a strong portfolio of stocks.

Purpose of portfolio?

There are many different types of portfolios. A stock portfolio, for instance, puts all of your stock information in one place.

What is the average percentage a stock investor receives for investing for you?

The average percentage a stock investor receives for investing for you is about 10-15%. However, that will also depend on the stock investor's reputation.

What is a stock investor?

A person who invests in the stock marketin hopes of making profit

Is issuing stock the same as selling stock?

Not necessarily. If you are the company whose name is on the stock and you are selling shares of stock that were just created, that would be issuance. If you are a market maker, an individual investor or a company who sells stock they bought from an investor, that would be sales.

10000 to invest in a stock portfolio. stock A expected return 18 and stock B expected return 11. create a portfolio with expected return of 16.25. how much to invest in stock A and stock B?


Where can an investor find the stock quote for TRREX?

An investor can find the stock quote for TRREX from a number of financial websites. It can be found on 'The Street', 'Nasdaq', 'Marketwatch' and 'Yahoo Finance'.

What are the uses of a stock calculator?

The sues of a stock calculator are to determine the values of various stocks. In addition you can use them to determine the value of a stock portfolio.

Stock Investments?

The stock market offers the new investor a way to watch their money grow or lose a bundle. Before getting involved in the stock market the investor should research the market. Start by taking a look at the daily stock reports in local papers. Read as much as possible about the stock market. Then take a class or seminar on stocks. Finally ask the advice of a professional stock broker. This stock advice should protect the new stock investor.

What describes stock speculation?

speculation is a gamble that the price of the stock will increase and an investor will make money.

What kind of business sells shares of stock to investor?


Is it stock broking or stock brokering?

A stock broker is a person who actually trasfers a stock in or on the stock market from your portfolio. Stock Broking is the actual or physical trade done by them.

An investor owns 300 shares of stock currently selling for 70 per share What should the investor expect to have after the stock declares a three-for-two split?

200 150

How can you trade crude oil if you are an individual investor?

The easiest way for a small retail investor to trade crude oil is by buying or shorting the Exchange Traded Fund with the symbol USO. USO is traded like a regular stock on the New York Stock Exchange and is designed to mimic the movements of the price of crude oil.

What should you invest 100 dollars in?

It depends on your risk appetite.If you are high risk investor invest in the stock marketIf you are a medium risk investor invest $50 in the stock market and $50 in bank CDsIf you are a low risk investor invest in bank CDs