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During a total solar eclipse, most of the visible light coming from the sun is blocked (from the point of view of those who can actually witness the eclipse). As a result, it is physically possible to look at the moon as it is blocking the sun. The problem is that your pupils will be relatively wide open, and non-visible radiation that is extremely harmful to the eyes will be able to pour into your eyes, and you will not feel it or sense it initially. The extreme pain/discomfort that you feel when your line of sight nears the visible sun is a very important reaction meant to keep you from being so foolish as to force yourself to look.

Don't look directly at the sun, and don't look directly at a solar eclipse. You could cause blindness or serious loss of vision by doing such things. There are materials that can be safely used, with supervision, to make these observations, and be sure that materials are safe before you use them.

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Q: How can a solar eclipse hurt your eyes?
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Why shouldn't you look directly at the solar eclipse?

If you look directly at the solar eclipse your eyes will not hurt but it dameges a part of your eyes and you will get blind.

Can an eclipse hurt you?

Yes. Looking directly at a solar eclipse, except during totality, can damage your eyes

Can an eclipse hurt people?

Looking directly at a solar eclipse without adequate eye protection can harm your eyes. There is no harm in looking at a lunar eclipse.

Did anyone look directly into a solar eclipse?

I'm sure someone did. And they probably hurt their eyes.

What do you mean by a total solar eclipse?

a total solar eclipse happens when the moon passes directly in front of the careful though.people can hurt their eyes by looking right at one of these.

What are solar eclipse goggles?

It is dangerous to look directly at a solar eclipse with the naked eyes. Solar eclipse goggles are designed to avoid damaging your eyes while you watch the eclipse taking place.

Why do birds go back to their nests whenever there is a total solar eclipse?

because we use solar glasses because looking at a solar eclipse for just a second could hurt someone`s eyes. Similar to bird history.

What is visible in to your eyes during total solar eclipse?

Sometimes, during a total solar eclipse, the corona of sun is visible to our eyes.

Is it safe to look at the solar eclipse?

No, your eyes can be permanently damaged if you look at the solar eclipse for too long.

Can you look at a solar eclipse?

No it can damage your eyes

Why it is bad for us to look at the solar eclipse?

Because the solar eclipse is so bright that it can damage or even burn your eyes

Can the eclipse hurt your eyes if you are inside and you don't look at the sun?

No. There is nothing special about the eclipse that will hurt you eyes. Looking directly at the sun without is harmful to your eyes with or without an eclipse. The only reason such warnings come out before an eclipse is because that is the one time when people will be tempted to look at the sun.

Which one is dangerous to your eye if viewed directly solar or lunar eclipse?

There is no danger in looking at a lunar eclipse. Looking at a solar eclipse without protection can damage your eyes.

Will watching the lunar eclipse through high powered binoculars damage your eyes?

No. There is no risk of damage your eyes from watching a lunar eclipse. It is during a solar eclipse that you require eye protection.

Will it hurt your eyes if you look at a picture of an eclipse?

No. Looking at a picture of an eclipse will not hurt your eyes. Since it is only a pictures and doesn't produce any blinding light, it will not cause any damage.

Why can't you see a solar eclipse with your naked eyes?

Looking directly at a solar eclipse would entail looking directly at the sun. The ultraviolet rays and the sheer intensity of the light can damage your eyes.

Can we see The moon eclipse without eyes protection tonight?

Yes. You need eye protection for a solar eclipse but not a lunar eclipse.

Why do we have to wear sunglasses while watching a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse still has enough sunlight and radiation to damage your eyes, and sunglasses block most of the sunlight.

Why you are not allow to see solar eclipse with naked eyes?

Because the UV rays from the eclipse are too strong for the eyes to withstand, in which case it will burn the retinas in your eyes causing permanent blindness!

Can an eclipse kill you?

No. The only possible danger would come from looking directly at a solar eclipse, which can damage your eyes.

Can people be outside while an eclipse?

Yes. But don't look at the Sun directly (assuming you are talking about a solar eclipse). Even during a solar eclipse, the Sun is still bright enough to damage your eyes.

What happens on a solar eclipse?

On a solar eclipse is like a person in front of the t.v you can't see anything. That's the same with the moon and sun. WARNING: never look at the sun during a solar eclipse. You are going to damage your eyes.

Is an eclipse dangerous?

An eclipse in and of itself is not dangerous, but there is an indirect danger. Looking directly at the sun, which you may be tempted to do during a solar eclipse, can harm your eyes.

Is the solar eclipse bad for the eyes?

Yes it is........................... >.>

How do you write a sentence using the word averted?

We averted our eyes from the solar eclipse