Solar Eclipses

How can a solar eclipse hurt your eyes?

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2012-05-25 22:01:29

During a total solar eclipse, most of the visible light coming

from the sun is blocked (from the point of view of those who can

actually witness the eclipse). As a result, it is physically

possible to look at the moon as it is blocking the sun. The problem

is that your pupils will be relatively wide open, and non-visible

radiation that is extremely harmful to the eyes will be able to

pour into your eyes, and you will not feel it or sense it

initially. The extreme pain/discomfort that you feel when your line

of sight nears the visible sun is a very important reaction meant

to keep you from being so foolish as to force yourself to look.

Don't look directly at the sun, and don't look directly at a

solar eclipse. You could cause blindness or serious loss of vision

by doing such things. There are materials that can be safely used,

with supervision, to make these observations, and be sure that

materials are safe before you use them.

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