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Being honest with your parents is a good thing, but there are parents who still won't accept that their kids are homosexual, actually have sex, or in your case, cross dress. There's nothing wrong with cross dressing, but you have to be realistic that your parents and some people will not understand your desire to do this. If you feel your parents will at least be open to what you have to say, tell them. They may be understanding, confused and upset, but if they're willing to listen without violent arguments or accusations, it's a good start. If they have been angry or closed minded in the past about your feelings, you might want to wait to tell them until you're older and on your own. It's your life--you're definitely not the first nor last teenager to keep secrets from parents because they would have been overly judgemental or irrational about it. Is there any way you could go to counseling privately? Talking to someone who won't have biased feelings about this might help you sort out your feelings and be able to accept yourself better.

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Q: How can a teenager tell his parents he likes to cross-dress?
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