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the uterus can hold an unborn baby because it is like a band that you can stretch

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Q: How can a uterus hold a unborn baby?
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How can the uterus which is about size of a clenched fist hold an unborn baby?

i dont know thats why i am asking

Where does an unborn baby develop?

An unborn baby, commonly called a "fetus", develops in it's mother's uterus (also called a womb).

Where is an unborn baby as it grows in the uterus?


Where does the unborn baby develop?

The baby develops in the uterus or womb.

The name of a Unborn baby as it grows in the uterus?


What is the membrane that protects an unborn child?

A mucus membrane is what protects an unborn baby in the uterus.

What is uterus?

The hollow, pear-shaped organ in a woman's pelvis. The uterus is where a fetus (unborn baby) develops and grows. Also called womb.

Peeing in uterus?

Peeing in the uterus is a common thing and normal for unborn babies. The urine from the fetus is not harmful to the baby or the mother.

Who will get the embryo?

Mother will get the Embryo which is an unborn baby in uterus in the early stages of development (up to 8 weeks after fertilization).

Where does a baby giraffe come out?

A giraffe is a mammal just as humans are and they carry their unborn in a uterus just as humans do. When it is time to birth the baby, it will come out of the vagina.

Can you still have babies after a uterus explosion?

what do you think. you hold the baby in you uterus.if it gone, then it wil be very hard to cary a baby with no uterus. so,no

Why is an abundant blood supply important to the uterus?

The uterus supplies nourishment to the developing foetus - a plentiful blood supply ensures maximum transfer of energy from the mother to the unborn baby.

How developed is the foetus at 6 weeks?

Up to 8 weeks after fertilization embryo is present which is unborn baby in early stages while foetus is an unborn baby in uterus in later stages of development (after 8 weeks till birth).

What does the fetus have to do with pregnancy?

The fetus is what they call the unborn baby after 3 months of growing in the uterus. At that time it is now considered an unborn child or fetus instead of a blacocyst or mass growth of cells.

Fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus?

Amniotic fluid Is a clear, slightly yellowish liquid that surrounds the unborn baby during pregnancy.

What an unborn baby is called?

An unborn baby is called a fetus.

How do you see unborn babies in the uterus?

By the use of an Ultra Sound machine. Sound waves, which don't hurt the baby, bounce off the baby and creates an image of the baby. Also called a sonogram

Are babies called fetus?

One unborn baby is called a fetus. More than one unborn baby in one mother's uterus are called fetuses. At the moment a fetus is born it is called a neonate-- or more commonly put, it is called a "baby" or "infant". But until it is born, it is a fetus.

Which organ is designed to hold and nourish the baby until end of pregnancy?


How does suboxone affect an unborn baby?

Can suboxone hurt my unborn baby

What happens to the mother if her unborn baby dies before birth?

Nothing necessarily happens to the mother. Just a lot of grief and she also has to get the dead baby out of her uterus or she could get an infection.

Can unborn baby cry?

No, because they don't use their lungs until they are born (you use your lungs to cry). They are in the mother's uterus and they have an umbilical cord that allows the baby to receive oxygen.

What is the name of the organ where the unborn baby develops inside the mother?

The organ is know as uterus - I suggest you Google any questions related to our anatomy

Where is it safe to swim?

In the uterus (unborn babies only)

Is sperm good for unborn baby?

Sperm is neither good or bad for unborn baby. It does not come in contact with unborn baby in any way.