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How can a vegetarian follow a low-carb diet?

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A vegetarian can follow a low carb diet by eating various amounts of nuts, soy, vegetables, fruits, and salads.

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Is it a good idea to follow a vegetarian diet for a temporary period?

In my opinion, it is a good idea to follow a vegetarian diet permanently! (I'm a vegetarian, of course)

Which Hindu caste is vegetarian?

Most Brahmins follow a vegetarian diet.

Does an elephant follow a vegetarian diet?


Is it healthy to follow the Zone diet if you are vegetarian?

Yes, it's healthy to follow the Zone diet if you are a vegetarian. The inventor of the Zone diet, Dr. Sears, says that vegetarians do not have to give up the the vegetarian lifestyle to follow the Zone diet, and that infact the Zone diet can improve vegetarian's health by providing more of the vital protein everyone needs to have a health and nutritionally balanced diet.

Do the Shakers follow a vegetarian diet?

No, the Shakers did not follow a vegetarian diet. They had deep respect for the harvest and grew many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, but they also did eat some kinds of meat.

Which animals follow a vegetarian diet?

maybe Panda but I'm not sure

How many people in Canada follow a vegetarian diet?

1,276,000 | 4 % | (estimate) --from European Vegetarian Union (website)

Do Varmas follow a vegetarian diet?

not necessariliy. but according to their sect, they are supposed to do 'sangam' or penance for 24 hrs every week which includes vegetarian diet and giving alms

What would a vegetarian zone diet consist of?

To follow a zone diet as a vegetarian, one will replace the protein-filled meat with soy. If you are a woman, be cautious, as too much soy can lead to ovarian cancer.

What diet should you follow you are a vegetarian?

Depending on the person, a vegetarian can eat absolutely no meat, just poultry(chicken), or they can include fish depending ;on what you consider meat

What nutrients are in a lacto-vegetarian diet?

All the nutrients that you need can be found in a lacto-vegetarian diet. This means a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products.

How many vegetarians are there in NZ?

It is estimated that 2 per cent or about 86,000 New Zealanders follow a vegetarian diet.

Why do people follow a vegetarian diet?

People follow a vegetarian diet for a few reasons. Sometimes it is medically necessary (allergies, for example), or for a religious purpose, or for a movement in order to not eat animals, or just a preference not to eat meat. It varies per individual. Some just do it because that was how they were raised, too.

What is an ovo vegetarian?

A vegetarian who includes eggs in his/her diet.

What are vegetarian tablets?

vegetarian tablets are a tablet a vegetarian takes when on a diet. i think

What are the special features shown by a vegetarian diet?

A vegetarian diet is one in which a person does not eat meat.

Is vegetarian diet a therapeutic diet?


Where can I purchase or copy the best menu for dieting?

You may follow a vegetarian diet for cultural, religious or ethical reasons. Or you may eat a vegetarian diet to stay healthy and prevent health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. Whatever your reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet, this guide will help you make smart choices to ensure that you meet your daily nutritional needs.

Why do people choose to be vegetarian?

Some people do not like eating meat, because they don't like taking an animal's life. Therefore, they choose to follow a vegetarian diet.People choose this diet because they feel strongly about animal rights. Others simply want a healthier diet

Did the Shakers follow a vegetarian diet?

Some followers did, some didn't. Click on the link below, under 'Related links'.

Is being vegeterian good or bad?

there is really nothing wrong with being vegetarian. By cutting out meat from your diet you cut out a lot of protien, so the only way being a vegetarian can be "bad" is if you do not supplement those lost protein with something else. To maintain a healthy vegetarian diet, follow the food pyramid.

How is being a vegetarian good for you?

Vegetarian diet is believed to be the healthiest.

What is a vegetarian whose diet includes dairy?

Lacto vegetarian

Do people who follow a vegetarian diet become weaker than other people?

Not all, but some do feel weaker with a loss of energy.

Why might a vegetarian diet also be a lower calorie diet than a diet than includes meat and dairy?

Why might a vegetarian diet also be a lower-calorie diet than a diet that includes meat and dairy