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The Abused Women's Center would NEVER turn you and your children away from (you are going to the wrong shelter) until they got to the bottom of your problem. I volunteer in British Columbia for an Abused Women's Center so I know. If they are not convinced about what you are saying they would NEVER endanger the welfare of the children. Legitimate Abused Women's Centers will often work with the police and stay within the accordance of the law. If you give me your City or Town and State I can find out more information for you. Marcy * Generally the definition of proof means that a report has been made to the police. The reason for this is to assure the safety of the alledgedly abused person(s) removal from a potentially dangerous environment. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for assistance from trained counselors to find a shelter and legal aid. The hotline is accessible 24/7 from all 50 states, with translators available if needed. In the US you must use the national hotline or a local domestic abuse number to locate a shelter. You will not be given an address for a crisis shelter until you are screened and shelters are not listed in phone directories or other public areas for obvious reasons. If you are in immediate danger call your local police department or 911 for assistance. * Please refer to the above number for assistance in how to handle the situation. The same question has been posed in several different ways therefore the various forms will be merge. Although the above poster is correct, it sounds like your plight is an emergency and you can't risk wading through red tape. PLEASE go to the "Abused Women's Center" and they WILL provide you with legal counsel while they are keeping you and your children safe.

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Q: How can a verbally abused wife leave when she has nowhere to go and no friends or family and the shelters need proof the situation is dangerous before they'll accept you and your kids are in danger?
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