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The best solution and have found (and done many times) is liquid laundry soap and a good wide tire scrub brush. The generic laundry soap seems to work the best! You can get a cheap bottle at your local $$ store. The wide tire brush is stiff enough to clean, but soft enough to not rip the liner. I put the soap into a wide angle spray bottle and sprayed about a 1 ft section at a time. Then scrub and rinse as you go. It is time consuming, but it will work to remove the stains, new algae, and restore the liner material. Most chemicals actually slowly deteriorate the liner! Also works great on the outside of the vinyl and soft side pools.

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By algaecide if you can get it under there

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shock the heck out of it. put 5 1lb. bags of shock for an 18ft. round pool (7500 gallons). premix each bag with a bucket of pool water and dump around the edges of pool.

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Q: How can algae under the vinyl liner be eliminated?
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How do you clean crystal like algae from vinyl pool liners?

To clean algae from a vinyl pool liner after it has become crystallized, use a solution of bleach and water with a scrub brush. One cup of bleach for every 5 gallons of water should be enough to clean the vinyl liner. Rinse well, then let dry before storing the pool.

How to to redo my inground pool with something that will last longer than vinyl lining?

what you can do in this situation depends on what is under the vinyl liner now.

Can the mircolite subsurface under a vinyl pool liner get wet and still be OK?


Is there a paint for a vinyl liner?

no on paint! You will need to replace the liner.

How do you treat insect problem under vinyl pool liner?

With respect. You won't bother them if they don't bother you.

How to stop Algae stains behind vinyl liner?

You could try spraying straight bleach from a spray bottle, and then rinse with either reverse-osmosis or distilled water.

Can a vinyl liner be added to a pool?


Would it be OK to have quarter inch floor padding under the vinyl when converting from poured concrete to vinyl liner?

No! it well rot, use pool wall foam..

Is there anything to recolor a faded vinyl liner?

Yes, replace the liner. Nothing can put the color back into plastic or vinyl or glass or steel.

How do you remove stains from worms on a vinyl liner?

There are a number of ways you could remove stains from worms on a vinyl liner. You could use cleaners.

What is the best pool finish?

Vinyl Liner

Will a chlorine burn on the pool liner cause the liner to crack?

High concentrations of chlorine can and will destroy a vinyl liner.