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How can an 11 year old get a wii?

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Just be a good boy/girl.

You can be good or help out around the house a neighboorhood Im sure some friendly neighboors would be willing to pay you some money if you helped them out. What Im trying ot say is earn money and Save!

or you could be really good and ask for it on ur bday or xmas that's what i did

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What is a good bmi for and 11 year old?

about 16.50 at least that what wii fit says

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What are the best Wii games for 10 year old girls?

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Is the wii balance board fun?

well its supposed to be for exersie but yes it is fun! im a 11 year old and i have fun with it but sometimes it get pretty intense

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An 11-year-old is considered a preteen, an 13-year-old is considered a teenager.

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Is 11 stone over weight for an 11 year old?

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What does your Wii fit age mean?

Your Wii Fit age means you have the strength of a __ year old person.

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