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Any university that offers online degrees in fields you are interested should work, e.g. University of Phoenix, City University, etc.
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Q: How can an American translator in Taiwan earn an on-line degree and can I submit my work towards the degree?
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What qualification do you need to be a translator?

In Canada you need a bachelor degree in translation.

What jobs can i get with BA degree in Hindi?

Hindi teacher? Hindi translator? Hindu teacher

Can a bachelor's degree in psychology get me credits towards a medicine degree?


What type of experience does one need to get a job as an Espanol translator?

It is suggested to either have a degree in English if you are a native Spanish speaker, or to have a degree in Spanish if you are a native English speaker. In addition to this you will need to pass a translator certification training course, and pass a yearly certification test.

Where does a language translator go to school?

A language translator can go to a college or university that offers foreign language classes. Many schools offer these classes because they are a prerequisite for most degree programs.

What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in spanish?

One job that a person could get with an associates degree in Spanish would be a translator. Another would be a bilingual teaching assistant.

-What kind of education is required to be a translator?

Good education, usually to degree level, in the chosen language(s), and a good level of competence in English, usually to degree level.

What does undergrad enrollment mean?

An 'undergrad' is a college student who is working towards his/her Bachelors or Associates degree. Once you have received your Bachelors degree, you will work towards your Master's degree, and you will be considered a 'grad' student.

What are the 5 ffa degrees?

Discovery Degree, Greenhand Degree, Chapter Degree, State Degree , and American Degree

What does Julie Payette do now?

She is working towards a Doctor and engineer degree.

Does past classes with credit hours apply towards a vocational degree?

it can

How many credits required for batchulars degree?

24 credits towards a Bachelors degree; in addition to 24 needed for the associates

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