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Surely you can get the police to help? don't let this person rule your life and detroy your childrens..it will happen. go to charity organisations most of them have places to stay and people to help

AnswerThank You for answering. However, since there is no physical abuse, the police can't do anything. The abuse is psychological, emotional, mental, verbal, and very, very controlling. Are there any other ideas? It's very distressing. I have been talking with a counselor. However, I don't want to become just another domestic abuse case study.
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Where can you obtain a drivers abstract in Toronto?

Ministry of transportation. The same place you go for your drivers license

CAn I copy my drivers license?

Absolutely NOT! Sorry buddy

What is a DOT test?

It is the Department of Transportation drug screen for commercial drivers.

What is fare?

Fare is another word for fee or charge. This is often in reference to money paid to cab drivers or bus drivers in public transportation.

Can the tx department of transportation suspend a person drivers license from alabamaTexas Department of Transportation?

Provide me with section or department that processes traffic accident reports submitted to the crash reports section of the department of transportation

Do any Illinois insurance companies offer free transportation for disabled drivers?

I believe Illinois does offer free transportation to their disabled drivers. They may have to provide medical records so the company may be able to help the person to the best of their ability.

Can you get insurance without a valid drivers license?

Absolutely not. If you lied it would be FRAUD and you can do Jail time.

What is the effect of solar eclipse in your transportation?

it will cause trafic because the drivers will watch it (If so, would you say the eclipse caused the traffic, or could it have been the distracted drivers who did ?)

Are there any drivers ed games online?

There are several sites that offer games simulating driving.onlinedriversed.com/resources/articles/driversedgamesonline.html or driversed.com Drivers Education Online Drivers Ed offer such games.

Different Transportation Jobs?

There are a large number of transportation jobs available. Drivers are the most common, and can be hired for anything from courier services to cross-country deliveries or schoolbus drivers. These drivers will require certain endorsements on their license that qualify them to drive large buses or trucks, but many employers will pay for these endorsements to be added. There are driving schools available for new drivers, and many offer paid training and will hire students after completion.

What may not be a possible prediction of the other driver?

Their competency as drivers / driving skills ; they may not be conscientious drivers or drivers with little skills and little concern for the safety of others .

What has the author Joseph F Coughlin written?

Joseph F. Coughlin has written: 'Aging America and transportation' -- subject(s): Traffic safety, Older automobile drivers, Transportation, Older people

Companies hire new cdl drivers?

Some examples include: Swift Transportation Werner Enterprises Central/Central Refrigeration Knight's Transportation Covenant Transport Stevens Transport Schneider National

What all can you do if you have your learners permit?

nothing....absolutely nothingRead your drivers manual or the information you received at the time you got the permit!

Is it illegal to have 2 drivers license with 2 different names?

Absolutely ! Since one of them is obviously designed to mislead the authorities !

Can you use a Kodak printer on a Dell computer?

Absolutely - so long as you have the correct drivers for it. Windows has drivers for most existing printers already built-in, and will simply set up the necessary drivers once it detects the printer is attached to the computer. If not - you can usually find the drivers by searching for your particular printer's model on the internet.

Why are drivers unfamiliar with traffic signs?

It is entirely possible that such drivers are from foreign lands where they use slightly different signs to represent the same thing.

Do you keep the same picture from your drivers permit to drivers license?

Nope. The DMV usually tries to update you as much as possible for ID purposes.

How do NASCAR drivers go to bathroom in a race?

they take shifts so when they need to go to the toilet they switch drivers ^ they do not take shifts they take the needed precautions before the race and if they absolutely have to they go on themselves

Where can I take an official motorcycle drivers test?

you can take an official motorcycle drivers test at a residence that gives out the test or it could be possible that you could take an online official motorcycle drivers test.

How has road transportation been improved?

Road transportation has been improved with newer trucks and larger trailers over the years. There is also an improvement in the regulations for truck drivers so that the roads are safe for others as well.

Is FedEx hiring truck drivers?

This is a question best directed at someone in FedEx's Human Resources department.

Where can you access list of 2007 drivers license holders in the Philippines?

Only the LTO (Land transportation Office) has these records and they are not accessible by the public.

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