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Contact the Attorney or whomever Legally drew up the Trust. * The attorney will not give out such information. If the trustee refuses to supply the beneficiaries with a copy of the trust or the information that is sought, the interested party will need to petition the probate court for a copy of the document.

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Q: How can an adult child get a copy of their deceased parents' living trust when a brother who is the trustee refuses to supply one?
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How do you get money out of your trust when trustee refuses?

in estates

How can you remove a Trust Fund trustee?

my brother is the is in charge of my parents irrevocable will of trust can he remove me

How can you find information on a persons living trust?

If the person is deceased, you can contact the trustee if you know who the trustee is.

Are adult children responsible for paying deceased parents medical bills when there is a trust and the adult child is named co-trustee?

In most cases the debts of the deceased are the responsibility of the estate or the trust. Anyone that was also a co-signer on any of the agreements might also be responsible. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction for help.

Two sisters inherit a home that deceased parents left them in a trust My own home is into foreclosure is there a way I can force sister to borrow off the beach house to buy me out?

What beach house? Who is the trustee? However, the answer is probably no. The trustee typically has discretion on when and how to make distributions from the trust.

What power does a trustee have over real estate My father left me his home in his will and left my brother as trustee over the inheritance What privileges does this give my brother?

He has to abide by the laws in the State you are in and that includes what the Will declares. If you are to get the house then you get the house. Usually Wills are probated to be sure that all personal/property taxes are paid off and this includes all creditors are paid in full. What is left is called "Residue of the Estate." You also have a right to a copy of the Will and if your brother refuses to give you one, then get a lawyer and demand one.

How can you find out if your trustee is taking monies from the trust account?

There should always be provisions that the trustee must provide periodic accountings to the trustor and the beneficiaries. There should be at least annual accountings where the trustee must account for every cent coming into the trust and every cent going out. If the trustee refuses then you should petition the court to compel the trustee to provide an accounting ASAP.

How does the trustee of an irrevocable trust distribute to the beneficary who is now deceased?

it goes to the next of Kin or to the state as cherity

Can a trustee obtain a second mortgage under an irrevocable trust if the grantor is now deceased?

No, a trustee does not have beneficial rights to the corpus of a trust. The trust ownership is split between legal and beneficial.

Who will get the assets of a deceased parents if children are underage and there is no will and testament in state of Florida?

The state will open the estate. The assets will go into a trust for the use of the children. The state will appoint a trustee for the assets and a guardian for the children. They may be the same person.

Does the trustee who is your sibling have to provide the beneficiary with a copy of parents trust?

Yes. You should be able to review the trust. You can also ask for a regular accounting so that you can monitor the trustee's management of the trust property. If the trustee refuses you can file a motion in a court of equity to compel an inventory and accounting. You should consult with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your options.

What if a trustee of an irrevocable trust is not being truthful about funds being spent can the trustee be removed?

The trustee should be required to file an account every year that can be reviewed by the beneficiaries of the trust. They have an interest in both the trust property and that the trustee not waste, misuse or steal any of the trust assets. If the trustee is being secretive then the trust should be reviewed for any provision that address the removal of the trustee and the appointment of a successor. If there are no such provisions IN the trust document, a petition should be brought to a court of equity. A judge can appoint a new trustee. Any trustee who refuses to be accountable to the beneficiaries is not "trustworthy".

If one sibling filed chapter 7 and there is property that is left by your deceased parents but no succession has been filed by your siblings can a trustee sell the property to pay creditors?

Only that property that is determined to be owned by the sibling. If property is owned jointly between the sibling and the remaining family, the remaining family may be forced to get a loan to pay the appraised value of the siblings share. As this Q is frequently referred to by those asking about a trustee that is a sibling.....a trustee is NOT the owner of any of the proerty he is trustee fact, IT CANNOT be used for his personal needs.

If a trustee who is also one of 7 other beneficiaries of the trust dies before any trust assets are distributed what happens to the part of the trust that was to go to the trustee this is in Calif?

You need to review the trust document for the answer to your question. It should contain a provision for distribution of the share of a deceased beneficiary. If the trustee has died a new trustee needs to be appointed to make the distribution. The trust document should also have provisions for the appointment of a successor trustee.

My deceased mother named a trustee on my Grandma's trust and I have power of attorney for my mother Do I become the new trustee?

No you do not. The next person in the list on your Grandmother's trust document steps in as the successor trustee. Powers of attorney are invalid once the principal has died. Your mother's Power of Attorney (which has expired) has nothing to do with your Grandmother's trust.

What are the release dates for George Lopez - 2002 George Doesn't Trustee Angie's Brother 5-16?

George Lopez - 2002 George Doesn't Trustee Angie's Brother 5-16 was released on: USA: 1 March 2006

You are the successor trustee of your deceased mother's estate in California Are you responsible for her credit card debt?

No, you are not PERSONALLY liable for your mother's debts. Debts of the deceased are paid from the estate, so as the Trustee for that estate, you would have to see that the debts are paid from the estate. Creditors must file a claim against the estate to be paid, and state laws dictate the time limit for filing such claims.

What if the trustee buys out the beneficiary but refuses to pay the entitled amount?

A beneficiary doesn't have to allow such a buyout. And don't agree to take less than the proper amount for such a transaction.

Why must the trustee of an irrevocable insurance trust make the premium payment?

As trustee that is their responsibility.As trustee that is their responsibility.As trustee that is their responsibility.As trustee that is their responsibility.

Is it illegal for your brother who was made trustee in mothers living trust to file a quick claim deed?

Your brother's powers as trustee are set forth in the trust document. You need to revew the trust to determine what he can and cannot do.

Can a subsidiary company invest in its parent company?

A subsidiary co. can be a member of its holding company if it holds shares of parent co. as a trustee or in form of a deceased shareholder.

Can convicted felons be a trustee in Florida?

What kind of "trustee?" "Trustee" for WHAT?

How do you remove an appointed trustee from the board of trustee?

What is a life of Trustee.

My brother recently died and was trustee of an irrevocable mineral rights trust for our family. How do we appoint another trustee?

You need to review the terms of the trust set forth in the declaration of trust and find the section that provides for the appointment of a successor trustee. If there is no provision for the appointment of a successor then you need to get a judge to appoint one.

Is a trustee required to use 'trustee' as a part of his signature?

Yes. A trustee must always declare that she is signing a document in her capacity as a trustee. If not, the validity of the document will be compromised by signing as an individual with no reference to her office as trustee.