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the answer is organisms use parts of the ecosystem differently.

The variety of organisms in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem is called biodiversity.

An ecosystem. The general term for characterizing the degree of variety in an ecosystem is biodiversity.

An environment is a piece of landmass with a variety of organisms and an ecosystem is a landmass that needs certain type of organisms and is a controlled area.

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The number or variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region.

Probably some kind of watersystem. (Pond, river, or ocean.)

The living organisms that are dominant in a particular ecosystem depends on the ecosystem. In the rainforest for example, plants are the dominant organisms. In the desert, the animals are the dominant organisms.

ecosystem variety is the degree of variety of a place at a level of ecosystems.

it can be A)The ecosystem will not be able to support as many tertiary consumers. B)It will decrease the amount of energy transferred to higher trophic levels. C)The ecosystem will be able to support more organisms at higher trophic levels.Eliminate D)The ecosystem will become stagnant due to excess producers and organisms in higher trophic levels will die out.

how sharks interact with other organisms in their ecosystem

What do you call a number of different organisms in an ecosystem ?Biodiversity

A balanced ecosystem had just enough organisms in each tier of the energy pyramid. An unbalanced ecosystem is an ecosystem that has too many organisms or too little organisms in each tier.

The basic component of biosphere is the ecosystem where a variety of living thing live together.Those organisms which belong to a particular species in an ecosystem are collectively called a population.In each ecosystem, living thing are seen as a community composed of various populations.The biosphere involves numerous communities of organismsOrganism>population>community>Ecosystem>Biosphere

By its very definition an ecosystem requires several organisms. An ecosystem is a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment. It is the very concept of all of the organisms and their interaction with the area in which they live. Without some organisms and an environment to interact with you don't have an ecosystem.

The destruction of natural resources in living organisms can have a negative effect on the ecosystem. destroying the environment where an organism lives can reduce the number of organisms in the area.

organisms in an ecosystem engage in relationships because they need partners or pairs so they can survive in the ecosystem

We have to protect the ecosystem and the organisms living them if we want to have a better tomorrow.

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