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As the mixed cans are passed beneath an electromagnet, the steels cans will be attracted and lifted up, leaving the aluminium cans behind.

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How can you separate aluminium cans and steel cans?

Steel cans are separated with an electromagnet.

How do you separate aluminium and steel cans?

using a magnet: steel atracts and aluminum doesn't

How are iron and steel separated from other metals for recycling?

iron and steel are easily separated from the other metals because they are magnetic. These metals get separated by an electromagnet.

How do you recycle a bike?

Easy option: take it to a scrap yard or recycling center and let them deal with it. More time consuming option: pull it apart into all its separate pieces, sort them according to material(steel, aluminium alloys, plastics etc) and turn the parts in at a recycling center.

How do you separate aluminium cans and steel cans for recyling?

Industrially it's quite simple - steel cans are magnetic while aluminum cans aren't.

What are the steps involved in recycling steel cans?

1. Steel cans arrive at a recycling center. 2. The cans are removed from the conveyor belt with an electromagnet. 3. The cans are smashed and baled. 4. The steel cans are delivered to a facility where they are melted and cast into ingots. 5. The steel ingots are rolled out into sheets. 6. These sheets are delivered to manufacturers that turn them into new cans.

What is more expensive aluminium or steel?


Why do they make window frames from aluminium and not steel?

Window frames used to be made from steel but aluminium is lighter and does not rust.

What is the properties and is uses of copper aluminium iron and steel?

copper aluminium iron and steel is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat is one of the properties of copper aluminium iron and steel and it is used in conducting electricity.

How do stainless steel and aluminium react similarly in air?

neither of them corrodes. Both of them are passivated, in stainless steel it is a film of chromium oxide, in aluminium a film of aluminium oxide.

What value of modulus of elasticity in shear for steel and aluminium?

steel = 30 million psi aluminium = 10 million psi

How do you identify aluminum and steel?

aluminium is shiny and steel is shinny

How can you tell the difference between steel and aluminium?

steel rusts

What is higher in cost galvanised or aluminium steel?

aluminum steel

What are the advantages or disadvantages of steel vs aluminium cars?

Aluminium has some advantages over steel. Since it has a lower density than iron or steel, a car body made from aluminium will be lighter than the same car body made from steel. This results in improved fuel economy. Also, aluminium does not corrode easily, so a car body made from aluminium will corrode less, and may last longer, than one made from steel. However, aluminium is more expensive than steel. So a car made from aluminium is likely to be more expensive than one made from steel.

Why is steel bad to use as the core of an electromagnet?

Steel has large hysteresis loss.

Is aluminium more ductile than high carbon steel?

aluminium more

Why is steel not used as cooking foil?

Steel is hard and cannot be wrapped easily. Weight of steel is more than aluminium foil. Aluminium foil is rust-free.

Why is steel stronger than aluminum?

why is steel stronger than aluminium?

Which is stronger Aluminium or steel?

if i had to take a guess i would say steel.

What is heavier stainless steel or aluminum?

Stainless steel is heavier then aluminium.

How do you separate scrap aluminium and scrap steel?

Run the chopped up mixture on a conveyor and pass the conveyor under a magnet, Steel is magnetic and will jump onto the magnet while the aluminum will stay on the conveyor.

Do you need steel or iron to make a electromagnet?


As a furniture material what is the difference between alluminium and steel?

As construction materials (for any purpose); Aluminium and Steel have many "pros & cons" when measured against one another. It all depends on the intended use of the finished article as to which material is more suitable in it's construction. Aluminium is very light, whereas Steel is relatively heavy. Steel rusts if not galvanised or otherwise treated; Aluminium does not. Aluminium is prone to fatigue and fracture quicker than Steel when placed under tension. Steel is much stiffer than Aluminium and doesn't bend as easily. Aluminium has a far lower heat tollerance than Steel Steel requires "finishing" (Painting or coating) in order to be asthetically pleasing. Aluminium just needs to be clean.

What are the strongest metals?

* steel * aluminium *titanium