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They can't. A foreign national who is unlawfully present within the US is subject to deportation regardless of their marital or parental status. The person will usually be allowed an appeal when he or she is taken into custody if there are not issues relating to a criminal offense.

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Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

Can an illegal immigrant who has a child born in the US obtain a working permit even though they are not married?

No, they cannot.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain legal residency by marrying a US citizen?


Can an illegal immigrant come to the us on a temporary basis if a us citizen ask for it?

If they obtain a visa, they are not illegal.

What part of Georgia can a illegal immigrant get a drivers license?

In Georgia, illegal immigrants are not permitted to obtain drivers' licenses.

If an illegal marrys a us citizen does the illegal person hace to go to native country?

An illegal resident can not legally get married in the US. In order to obtain an Marriage License, you must be able to prove that you are either a US citizen or here legally.

Is it illegal for a US citizen to marry an immigrant for money?

Yes, it is illegal to marry for money to allow someone to obtain citizenship status.

Can a illegal immigrant obtain a green card through marriage?

yes, ex. the movie 'The Proposal'

Can you get divorced in Las Vegas if you got married there and am not a resident?

No, you have to be a resident of Las Vegas to obtain a Las Vegas divorce.

Is a marriage to an illegal immigrant binding without social security number?

You need to obtain more information about how marriage to an illegal immigrant will affect you. There will probably be issues if the illegal immigrant did not enter the country legally which will cause delays. If you are already married, then you need to follow the steps necessary to make the marriage one that is true in the eyes of the law, and you may find that you put the cart before the horse. Investigate whether it would be much easier to go get married in his country and bring him back as your husband and what visa you would need.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain a green card if he or she enters the military?

I doubt an illegal alien could even join the military, let alone get a green card. A illegal immigrant could not become a member of the US military, nor can an illegal immigrant obtain legal status under the current immigration laws. All foreign nationals who are unlawfully present within the US are subject to deportation when taken into custody by immigration authorities. Exceptions are made in individual cases, if the immigrant qualifies as an asylee or refugee.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain a work permit if they are married to a US citizen?

No. Marriage to a US citizen does not alter the fact that the foreign national is unlawfully present within the US and can be subject to deportation to his or her country of origin.

What are the steps a US citizen and an illegal alien should take in order to get married for the alien to obtain citizenship?

First you have to get married and get legal. The best and most recommended way is for the U.S. citizen to file for a fiance(e) visa for the immigrant first. If you go directly to the USCIS, tell them that your fiance(e) is still in his/her home country and not already in the U.S. illegally. Then when he/she enters with his/her fiance(e) visa, you, the U.S. citizen have 90 days to get married. After getting married the now immigrant husband/wife can file for Permanent Resident Alien Status ("green card"). After about 3 to five years after that he/she can apply for U.S. citizenship if he/she wishes.

If you married an illegal immigrant and have been separated for 18 years are you considered legally divorced.?

You are still legally married. In fact, you are just separated. However, considering the length of the separation, if you wish to obtain a divorce, a judge will certainly grant it based on the duration of the separation. Good luck!

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant and they have two US born children can she obtain legal status or is she subject to deportation and would the children affect the decision?

If your already married she's already legal! * An immigrant legal or illegal does not become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen. The female immigrant who is in the US illegal can still be deported under US immigration laws. The issue of her being married to a citizen and having children may or may not be to her advantage. If she is taken into custody she will be given the chance to appeal any deportation issues, but there can be no guarantee of the outcome. The best option is for her to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable in immigration law before taking any other action.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain a GED?

can i get g.e.d i'm illegal alien and i am 24 years old i need my school if can help me find and i'm not u.s citizen i dont have socila security

A person that came to the us illegally has married a us citizen under the current immigration laws does this person have to go back to Mexico and wait there for her paperwork to go through?

Yes, the illegal immigrant has to return to Mexico and obtain an entry permit. \

Can an illegal immigrant get married to someone on an H1B visa and obtain legal dependency status?

If we are talking about a modern country it is possible but difficult. Even not being an illegal immigrant it can be difficult to get legal dependency status. The reason being is that the country that you are trying to will try to prove that you are not marrying for the reason of getting citizenship. You will have to make an convincing argument. Also you cannot have a criminal record, so if you are caught being an illegal immigrant than you have just about screwed up your chances. It is harder to leave places such as the United States, Australia, England etc than it is to get in (without a legal visa)

Can an illegal immigrant get married with an us citizen even thow he dont have papers to be in the u.s?

Answeryes but it would take time Yes, an illegal immigrant can get married with an United States citzen even though he doesn't have papers to be in the United States. All he needs to do is to obtain a Mexican Passport at the nearest Mexican Consulate and take this with you when you obtain your marriage license. My husband and I had gotten married on the same day. However, I will advise that you carefully consider the consequences and take the advice of someone who has done this. Unless you are willing to reside in Mexico, don't get married!! After nearly 8 years of being married, my husband still cannot obtain permanent residency even though he had returned to his country while I went throught the entire two year process, not to mention a costly one, of petitioning for his return only to be denied.

Is it legal or illegal if already married Indian wants to arrange his second marriage with American citizen just to obtain the American citizenship?

It is illegal.

Can a person who has been an illegal immigrant for more than ten years obtain a legal work permit without the required paper work?

Simply stated, No.

How does an illegal immigrant obtain a drivers license?

They don't. You will need a Social security number, birth certificate, and various other points of ID. Good luck.

How does an illegal status woman obtain a divorce from her illegal status husband in the US even though they were married in Guatemala?

She can't if she wants to stay in this country.

How can an illegal immigrant working and paying taxes in the US obtain a driver license?

You can't as you stated you are here illegally and under new federal guidelines for drivers licenses you wont have the proper documents required to obtain one.

Is it illegal for someone to obtain an email not addressed to them?

is it illegal for someone to obtain an email that was not addresses to them?

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