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Q: How can cauliflower turn into another vegetable by spelling?
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Is carrot juice a fruit or a vegetable?

A carrot is a vegetable so in turn the juice is also a vegetable

What vegetable does pit turn in to?


How do you turn a banana in to a vegetable?

You don't.

How do you correct my spelling mistake in SSC?

The computer can correct your spelling if you turn on that feature.

What is a spelling rule?

A spelling rule is anything that you have to do when you are spelling.

What are recipes for leftover asparagus?

You can take leftover asparagus and incorporate it into a casserole as just another vegetable. Or you could cut it up and turn it into a soup of some sort.

How does cauliflower turn green purple or orange?

by getting old. The DNA from the seed tells the plant to produce the compounds that make the colors. Green happens from photosynthesis. If the cauliflower is protected from light, it will stay white.

How do you turn vegetable oils into spreads?

the emulsions are added to the vegetable oil and mixed for a long period of time and eventually it thickens into a spread

What does 2003 represent?

moon if you turn it to the left spelling it down

Is vegetable oil saponifiable?

Saponify means to turn into soap. To the naked eye, vegetable oil doesn't seem very saponifiable, but I am no genius.

What vegetable has starch in it?

The vegetable potato has starch in it. The sweet potato is also one of them. Notable fact: If you freeze potatoes, the starch will turn into sugar.

How do you turn a banana into a vegetable?

you cant change a banana into a vegetable. Middle School Math Riddle- Throw it up and it will come down squash!

When adding vegetable oil to red cabbage juice what color will it turn?


How do you spell maneuverability?

That is the correct spelling of "maneuverability" (ability to turn or maneuver).

Can you cook cauliflower in the microwave?

YOu could but its best to cook it on the stove just to be safe because in the microwave it could turn out pretty bad.

Which is lighter- vegetable oil or white vinegar?

Vegetable oil is lighter than pure water, which in turn is (somewhat) lighter than white vinegar.

Can you use vegetable spread instead of butter to make peanut brittle?

Will the peanut brittle still turn out if you substitute vegetable spread instead of real butter?

How do you turn on spell check on macs in safari?

To activate Spelling and Grammar checking in Safari select Spelling and Grammar from the Edit menu.Yes. Go to the edit menu and select spelling and grammar!

What does tournee mean in french?

If that is the phonetic spelling it probably is tournez which means turn.

What is the difference between a turn and a twist?

spelling :P //I GOOGLE MO :P

Can genital herpes turn into another disease?

Genital herpes will not turn into another disease.

Can you substitute peanut oil for vegetable oil in brownie recipe?

Yes, they turn out great!!! :D

How do you turn melted chocolate into vegetable?

Chocolate cannot physically become a vegetable (in terms of food group classifications). Instead, you could mold or shape it to look like a vegetable either by hand or by using a pre-formed mold.

Turn 'dines' into a boy's name?

Denis. This is a variant though common spelling of 'Dennis'.

How do you turn banana into a vegetable?

Middle School Math Riddle- Throw it up and it will come down squash!