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The bond between two atoms in a diatomic molecule of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or iodine is a nonpolar covalent bond.

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Use covalent bond in a sentence?

When one hydrogen atom and one chlorine atom bond, they form a covalent bond because they are both nonmetals.

Is CL2O8 bonded by covalent bond?

Since only nonmetals are being used, it is a covalent bond.

When a covalent bond is formed what kind of electrons is used in the bond?

While forming a covalent bond, valence electrons are shared.

What is a good sentence using the word covalent bond?

When one hydrogen atom and one chlorine atom bond, they form a covalent bond because they are both nonmetals.

What kind of elements are used in a covalent bond?

A covalent bond is formed between two non-metals.

Is BaF2 a covalent bond?

No, it is not a covalent bond. It is an Ionic bond.

Can you give a sentence using the word atom?

This atom has a covalent bond.

What is a multiple covalent bond?

A covalent bond which is either double or triple covalent bond.

Is CO3 a ionic or covalent bond?

i used to think it was a ionic but then i found out it was a covalent

Is a peptide bond a covalent bond?

Yes, a peptide bond is a covalent bond.

Is a covalent bond stronger than a polar covalent bond?

== ==Yes, a covalent bond is stronger than a polar bond.

When one atom contributed both bonding electrons in a single covalent bond the bond is called a?

That bond is called Double Covalent bond or Double bond. It's called a coordinate covalent bond. It is NOT a double bond, but a covalent bond, and more specifically it is a dative, or coordinate covalent bond.

What type of bond for hydrochloric acid?

covalent bond covalent bond

Which is the strongest covalent bond?

A triple bond is the strongest covalent bond.

How is a polar covalent bond different between from a covalent bond?

A polar covalent bond is not different from a covalent bond, because a polar covalent bond is a covalent bond. Polar covalent bonds are a category of covalent bonds which are distinguished from other covalent bonds by larger bond dipole moments, caused by a greater average electron density near the more electronegative element that is so bonded.

What is the increasing ordor of electronegativity in ionic bond and polar covalent bond and non polar covalent bond?

In the increasing order, they are non polar covalent bond < polar covalent bond < ionic bond.

Is a hydrogen bond a polar covalent bond?

it is polar bond, but not considered to be covalent bond.

Why covalent bond insoluble in water?

covalent bond is a bond formed by sharing of electron of an atom. covalent bond is stronger than ionic bond.

Is H2 a covalent bond?

Hydrogen has a covalent bond.

Why is starch a covalent bond?

Yes It is a covalent bond

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