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you must have a short to another power circuit unplug the pump and chk the pwr wire to see if it still has pwr if it does trace the wire to find the short I FOUND ON MY 98 Chevy S-10 THAT THE OIL PRESSURE RELAY ACTS AS A DUAL BACKUP FROM BATTERY THAT WILL ALSO TURN FUEL PUMP ON ALL THE TIME IF IT IS BAD EVEN WITH THE KEY OFF

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โˆ™ 2007-09-19 13:01:03
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Q: How can fuel pump work with no relays installed and still not shut off?
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Can a fuel pump work and still be bad?

yes especially if installed in an automobile it may pump but not build pressure.

Chnged a fuel pump and filter on 94 ranger 4-cylinder pump still not getting fire any ideas?

if this is an electric pump did you check fuse and relays

Replaced fuel pump in1993 jeep grand Cherokee but still have to turn key over 10 or so times until fuel pump kicks in then it will start Replaced fuel relay still having problem?

I have the exact same problem. After replacing the fuel pump everything was fine. Now the fuel pump does not always kick on and you have to turn the ignition on and off until you hear the fuel pump kick in. Went to start this morning and fuel pump did not kick in, still wont. So I checked the relays, all good. Now the fuel pump kicks on but it still wont start. Did the computer on this thing die?

Where is the fuel pump located on a 99 Jeep Cherokee classic?

The fuel pump is in the fuel tank. The tank has to be removed to access. The pump is computer controlled with relays.

Does a 1996 gmc jimmy need three fuel pump relays?

No, it only has one fuel pump relay.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1996 Honda accord?

Check your relays first. The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank.

Why car not crank after replacing a fuel pump?

installed wrong or bad fuel pump

Where is the reset for the fuel pump on an 1989 jeep wrangler?

No reset switch on a Jeep. The fuel pump is computer controlled with relays.

How often do fuel relays go bad?

Not often, it is usually the fuel pump that fails.

Why 91 f150 fuel pump not working with all relays changed?

Fuel pump fuse blown or the fuel pump is defective even if you hear it running. Fuel filter can also be clogged.

Why doesn't a 2000 silverado fuel pump run after a new fuel pump was installed?

Blown fuse or bad fuel pump relay.

Fuel pump doesnt engage everytime Plymouth voyagerfuses are good?

did u also check the autoshutdown and fuel pump relays?

Could you inform me about fuel pump relays?

The fuel pump relay is to move the fuel from the primary tank to the engine itself. To accurately answer your question I would have to know the exact fuel pump you want to know about

Where is fuel pump relay 87 E150?

The EEC Power and fuel pump relays are behind the computer on the passenger side under the dash. The relay on the blower bracket is the fuel pump.

Fuel pump relay 1994 Plymouth acclaim?

The fuel pump relay feeds power to the fuel pump. The relay is commonly mounted under the hood with the other vehicle relays.

Where is the fuel pump relays located in a 1999 subaru?

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

Has anyone ever had a problem with the fuel pump turning on in a 94 Cherokee w 4.0 New ignition switch and pump installed Relays click but they check out as working Any theorys on this?

its probably hunted its probably hunted

Are there 2 fuel pump relays on a f-250 with dual tanks?


What fiero relays will interchange?

AC and fuel pump are the same relay

1996 Ford Taurus no fuel pressure?

most likely fuel pump is not running, this could mean bad fuel pump, but first i would check all fuses and relays related to the fuel pump

Where is the 1985 190e fuel pump relay?

the fuel pump relay is located behind the battery.There should be 2 relays, they look alike, but if you look closely it has fuel pump relay on the top.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1995 Dodge Avenger?

on the firwall on the driver side there are 3 relays, one is the fuel pump relay

Where is the fuel pump relays switch for a 1994 SE Grand Am located?

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located on a 1994 Grand Am SE

Why doesn't the fuel pump kick in i just replaced the motor 2001 caravan and fuel pump wouldn't work?

Check the fuses and relays.

Will the fuel pump still turn on if there is no gas in the tank?

The fuel pump will still try to pump fuel even if the tank is empty.