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How can girl ask a guy out?

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im a girl to and its hard to ask a guy out but find out another girls name he likes write him a note if possible and ask him who he likes more and if he says you then all you got to do is write one more note and say would you go out with me if i asked you and if he says yes then you got the guy and i know it works cause me and my boyfriend done that and we have been going out for 6 months well i wish you luck!

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Is it correct to ask a guy out?

its normal for a guy to ask a girl out but a guy can ask a girl out there's no wrong way

Should boys ask you out or should a girl ask a boy out?

It depends. The girl likes the guy and he won't ask her out? The girl defiantly should ask the guy out. If the guy really likes the girl? The guy should go ahead and ask her out.

Is it right for a woman to ask a guy out?

a guy should ask a girl out a girl should never ask a guy out......:D

Shoudl you ask a guy if he likes you?

no, a guy should always ask a girl out.

What do you do if you like a guy but don't know how to ask him out?

A girl should never ask a guy out the guyshould always ask the girl just wait till the guy Aks you out.

Girl asking guy to homecoming?

sure whats the problem, jealous a girl has more guts to ask a guy, then a guy does to ask a girl. it`s ok, it`s homecoming.

How do you tell if a girl is a guy?

Ask her. Or ask to look

What to do if the guy likes the girl?

ask her out!!

Who asks for prom?

Anyone! Heck, if a girl wants to ask a guy to prom GO FOR IT! If a guy wants to ask a girl to prom DO IT!

How do you ask a guy out if your a guy?

Same way you'd ask a girl out. But if that guy is straight, get ready for a kick in the balls.

How do you ask out a guy if you are a girl?

just ask he will be over the moon

How should a girl ask a guy if he likes her?

Simply ask him.

Should a girl ask a guy out first?

yes if that girl likes the guy and he hasn't gone for it, then do it

If a guy asks a girl out through a text?

It means the guy doesn't have the GUTS to ask the girl to her face. The proper way is to ask in person.

Why would a girl ask a guy out?

Because Maybe They Cant Wait Until The Guy Ask Them Out Or Maybe They Like The Guy,,!

Is it weird for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

It isn't to weird for a girl to ask but its a free country, so be crazy and ask that question girl.

What should a girl ask a guy out?

coming from a guy, movie or pizza

How can you tell when a guy likes a girl?

Ask Him

When will a guy ask out a girl?

When he is sure he likes her.

Is it wrong to ask out a guy first if you are a girl?


How do you tell if a guy is a girl?

u ask him

Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy out in your opinion?

Yea i think it is totally cool for a girl to ask u out

Can you have a few questions to ask a long distant first date?

If it's a girl, ask them how their doing and what they like in a guy/girl. If it's a guy ask them what their favorite hobby is and what sport/subject is.

How should the girl ask a guy out?

Well depends if the the guy likes you if you dont know that then ask one of his buddies if he does and you think he is the dating type of guy then ask him yourself

How can you get a guy who sorta likes you to ask you out?

There's nothing wrong with you asking him out.Yeh, but the guy SHOULD ask the girl out.