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Sure, hydroelectricity will continue to work, essentially as long as it rains.

Two problems that come to mind. One that the industrialized world has pretty much tapped the resource to the limit. There aren't many additional places that we can usefully build more hydroelectric dams. Another issue is that the reservoirs tend to silt up because all the suspended sediments flowing with the river water settle into the reservoir basins, which will eventually lead to the lake being full of dirt and not water. Small lakes can be dredged or cleaned by opening the floodgates, but in a big lake, say Lake Powell, that doesn't work


There's also a possible potential problem in areas using rivers of mountain snow and glacier melt- water, that if climate change does eventually reduce the snow-fall the rivers may be much reduced - unless the snow is replaced by equivalent rain-fall.


I'm not sure how much silting is a problem because the water for a power-station is often (normally?) taken at or near surface level, not from the base of the dam, as long as the pipe to the turbines can be kept full to maintain full head. Dams are provided with flushing-valves in their bases.

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Q: How can hydroelectric energy be used in the future?
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