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A wireless connection only creates the pathway, it does not control the access. The answer will depend on the configuration of the laptop, but it is possible and common to do it.

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Q: How can i access files on a different laptop through wireless?
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Laptop with a wireless card from Verizon can you attach a wireless router to your laptop and use it as an access point?

No. You can not attach a router and use a standard Verizon Wireless aircard as a wireless access point. This is why they have MiFi which is essentially a wireless access point.

How do you connect laptop to laptop by wireless?

through wireless modem

If wireless laptop is not near an access point is a router needed?

If the access point has a wireless interface and if your laptop supports the wireless network type, no you do not need a router. <><><><><> If the laptop is not near enough to an access point, it will not be able to connect. The router is immaterial.

How would you access the internet with a laptop?

Either connect via a wireless network, connect through a 3G network or connect your laptop with an ethernet cable.

Is a router essential and obligatory for a laptop to connect at Internet by wireless?

No, a modem with wireless devise can provide Internet directly to each laptop witch can access the modem's wireless devise.

What equipment does one need to setup laptop wireless internet access?

The main equipment you need to set up laptop wireless internet access is a functioning wireless adapter and a router connecting to the internet. You also need to be in signal range of the router.

Can you wirelessly connect to internet through wireless acces point like when you want to connect a laptop to the internet through access point that is already taken by PC?

Yes, you can.

What is wy-fy?

I think you mean WI-FI. It's just a nickname for wireless access. If your laptop is WI-FI capable then it can access wireless access points. Generally for Internet access.

How do you reinstall a wireless drive in a laptop?

wireless devices drivers can be install through Cd

If you have got a non wireless internet modem and you also have a laptop ha do you get internet on your laptop without plugging in?

You need to add a wireless access point to your wired internet.

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your laptop?

There are multiple ways to do this. First you can burn the images to a CD then add them to your laptop. Second you can use a Flash drive to transfer the files. Third, you can access your laptop through your network and transfer the files via Ethernet cable or through wireless.

Do you need a desktop PC to connect a wireless laptop Or can you just connect it to a router?

What every wireless network has is a WAP (Wireless Access Point). A router is the best choice and you only need one computer (a laptop with a wireless Network card will do just fine)...The WAP in turn, hooks up to either your phone line or cable and then off to your Internet Service Provider so you can get Internet access. So I guess to answer your questioin, no you do not need a desktop. Just a Wireless Access Point (router) and your laptop with a wireless network card is it.

How can you receive an active phone line through broadband?

The best thing to do is to set up a wireless router at your downstairs point and then access the Internet anywhere in the house from that. Presuming you have a laptop that has wireless access. Then you don't need to worry about the line going upstairs. Your PC at the point of access can still access the net direct via the line, so it doesn't need to have wireless. So just get yourself a wireless router.

What are some general steps needed in order to get access to mobile internet using a laptop?

To get access to mobile internet using a laptop one must have wireless card in their laptop or use a wireless dongle. 3G or 4G can be used and one must purchase usage online or have a contract.

Do you need a router to connect a wireless laptop to the internet?

NO If you intend to connect to the internet using wireless then you will need access to a wireless access point, whether it is one you provide or one you use at a business or work location.

Wifi ready laptop and you cant access the internet?

WiFi ready just means you have a wireless card you need an internet connected wireless network available to access the internet.

How to Connect Your Laptop Through Your T-Mobile Phone?

Did you know that you could connect your laptop to the internet through your T-Mobile wireless phone? Connecting a laptop, or any other portable device, through your T-Mobile phone in order to use the internet is called tethering. Tethering will allow you to use your phone as a wireless hotspot. This is a great feature to have when you are traveling or any other time that you would not have wireless access using your laptop. Best of all, T-Mobile offers this service free to all of their customers with a cellular plan.

If your buying a laptop which one do you buy to get internet access?

All can get Internet access you just need a wireless Internet router nearby.

How do you set up wireless connection to computers?

You'll need a wireless access point, either a wireless card for your desktop or a laptop with a built-in wireless or a wireless PCMCIA card. At that point, either follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or contact the manufacturers help line. Each manufacturer has slightly different applications and different versions of available operating systems treat the procedure in slightly different ways.

Does a laptop need a special modem to access the net wireless and is it separate from a land line modem?

Yes it does. It can be in the form of a PCMCIA slot wireless modem or a USB wireless modem.

How does a laptop computer connect to the internet?

Through either its wireless connection or through a ethernet port.

What is a wireless router and modem?

No, they are different devices. A modem is used for computer, let's say a laptop. Whereas, a wireless router can be used for multiple computer connections, through high-speed internet.

How do you link a Sony Vaio laptop up to an Xbox 360 when neither your modem nor laptop has an ethernet port?

A wireless adapter for your XBOX, a wireless USB adapter for your Laptop, and a wireless router. The two devices will communicate with each other through the router.

Do you need a desktop for wireless on your laptop?

No. You need a wireless router to connect via wireless from your laptop.

How does wireless printer connect to wireless laptop?

A laptop with an inbuilt printer. A laptop with an inbuilt printer.