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It's like finding out a needle from a heaps of straws ! It's advisable that you contact local branch office of your Life Insurance Company, if they can help you to find out about existence of a life insurance policy of your dead father. Searching by name/address of your dead father over Net may be beneficial.

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If my brother and father are dead and father owner of life insurance policy for brother and father named as beneficiary am I beneficiary before my brothers common law wife or my brothers adult son?

Questions that must be considered: (1) Who died first, your father, or your brother? If they both died simultaneously then your brothers's insurance policy wouuld go to your father's estate UNLESS a secondary beneficiary had been named. (2) Who are the named beneficiaries on your brother's insurance policy? It actually makes no difference what their marriage status was, it is the NAMING of a beneficiary that counts, NOT their family status. If no other beneficiary of the policy was named you may have to hope that your father's will included you.

How can you find out if an insurance policy is still alive?

An insurance policy gets lapsed after a period of 5 years' of non payment. Visit the Insurance Co's website,ask for status by citing your insurance policy number and you will be intimated accordingly whether the same is still alive or dead.

How do you find your dead husbands life insurance in US?

If the policy bond of your dead husband is not in your possession,you can contact any insurance advisor,visit the insurance co's website,or personally visit the branch office of the insurance company for necessary assistance.

How do you find lost insurance policey for dead?

There is no national database for insureds, you would need to do some legwork to find out if a policy was in force and call quite a few insurance companies.

Does your dead husband's 500 credit card debt get passed to you if he has no assets but you received life insurance proceeds?

Not if you are smart about it. You do not have to pay his debts through his insurance policy. Inheritance may be another thing. The credit company could put a lien on the estate. The insurance policy is NOT the estate. Y-THINK-Y

Who is responsible for a leased vehicle when the person dies?

Logic would tell me the person that is in charge of the dead person's estate. On the other hand it would be a real good idea to read the contract with the lease company first, sometimes when the lease contract is made their is an insurance policy built into it. You might also want to look at the dead person's auto insurance policy to see if there is anything about what happens when the owner of the policy passes away. Does the person who passed away-did they have a life insurance policy. It might be easier to hire a estate lawyer to do this, and to ask them all your questions.

Does Iowa allow ex wife to collect life insurance if they are the beneficiary and the dead spouse had remarried?

Life insurance is usually governed by beneficiary information on the policy. In other words, whoever the beneficiary is on the policy will the one to collect. You may want to consult a local lawyer to confirm this.

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How do you find out if a life insurance policy exists for my dead mother?

Follow some of the steps below, I hope it helps 1. If you have access to their personal records, go through old bank statements or canceled checks to see if they paid any insurance companies. 2. Did they have a personal lawyer or accountant who may have known about any old policies? 3. Talk with a past employer about any group life insurance policy that may have existed. 4. Get in touch with the Medical Information Bureau. They track all requested medical records by insurance companies for the past 7 years. So, if they took out the policy during this time period, most likely the MIB will know about it. You can find more information about them online. 5. Look at the mail that continues to be delivered after the person's death. If it was a policy that was still being paid for, you'll see premium notices. 6. Look at income tax returns to see if interest dividends on any life policy were claimed. There is no time limit on claiming the benefits of any missing life insurance policy that you are the beneficiary of. It can be 25 years later and the company will still pay you the proceeds.

Can a Canadian company purchase dead peasant Life insurance on their employees in Canada?

I believe that any American company operating in Canada can purchase such a policy in the United States for its Canadian employees.

If Mom was left life ins in uncles will but he did not change the beneficiary from dead brother of 30 years ago Who gets pay off My mom or dead brothers next of kin?

AnswerIt will depend upon the insurance policy, as there are contractual issues to deal with. If the policy is specific about the beneficiary, and they are no longer living, the money goes into the estate and the declaration of the will should be enforced.

What do you do if you get killed?

You don't 'do' anything, you are dead, just hope or pray that before you die your loved ones give you a good send off and your dependants know where your last will and insurance policy (if you have one) can be found.

Can someone buy life insurance on someone else for profit?

You're talking about a 'dead peasant' policy. Yes, they do exist. Wal Mart was one of the bigger known names doing that with their employees.

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National insurance numbers are personal information and do not come under public documents.

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