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How can i get 21 battels in the Battle tower pokemon diamond vershion?

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How do you send Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution to diamond?

you can not send from Pokemon battle reveloution to diamond but you can send from diamond to Pokemon battle reveloution

Can you get Pokemon from battle revolution on to diamond?

no but you can get Pokemon from diamond to battle rev.

Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Only the Battle Tower.

Can you copy Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

No, you can only copy them to Pokemon Diamond, not Pokemon Battle Revolution. But, if you want to, then send them from Diamond to Battle Revolution!

In Pokemon Diamond what you do?

battle and catch Pokemon

Can Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Black battle?


Can you battle prof.Rowan in diamond?

You cannot battle Professor Rowan in Pokemon Diamond.

What do you do in Pokemon Diamond aftre you Battle Cresselia on Pokemon Diamond?

Do whatever you want!

How do you get your Pokemon to like you in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to battle other Pokemon with it.

Can you battle in the battle park in Pokemon diamond?


How do you earn battle points in Pokemon diamond?

Battle in the Battle Tower

Can you battle Gary in Pokemon diamond?


Can Pokemon Black battle with diamond?


Can you battle Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?


What is the location of the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is only present in Pokemon Emerald for the GBA game series.

Can you send your Pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution to your Pokemon Diamond?


Where is the battle arcade in Pokemon diamond?

in the battle frontier next to the battle factory

How do you battle Ash in diamond Pokemon?

you don't

What is a hotspot in Pokemon diamond?

The Battle Tower

How do you get to the battle arena Pokemon diamond?

there is none.

Where to battle prinplup in Pokemon diamond?

Your rival.

Where can I use dive in Pokemon diamond?

In battle.

Do you battle dawn in pokemon diamond ds?


Is it possible to use Pokemon diamond on Nogba and put those Pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution for the wii?

yep I mean as in puting Pokemon from the No$gba version of diamond on the computer, on to battle revolution

Can you use Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

no. Pokemon battle revolution can only take Pokemon from diamond/pearl