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the BEST WAY to get rid of frizzy hair is to use "Garnier anti-frizz"! :)

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2011-01-12 22:19:20
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Q: How can i get rid of mi frizzy hair i use none of your frizzenes made by herbal essence but it still come out frizzy i also use mousse and blow dry my hair?
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What mousse brand is best for thin curly hair?

tossle me softly moose by herbal essence is really good or herbal essence scruncing gel. any product from those to sections help alot. hope that helpa

What is the best mousse for super thick wavy and poofy hair?

Herbal essences totally twisted

How can you get rid of fly aways and frizzy hair at home?

ugh, i hate flyaways! plus i have curly hair so it was always frizzy until i got aveno's be curly cream. that helps a lot with frizz. also if you cant find it (or afford it), you can use herbal essences totally twisted mousse. but if you dont have time to leave the house and buy it, just hold down flyaways and spray them with hairspray from a far distance. hope this was helpful! :)

Can you put bergamot essence into my hair mousse as well as my shampoo and conditioner?

is bergamot advisable to put in hair shampoo

What would be the best hairstyle for hair that is frizzy and wavy?

put a bit of mousse into your hair at night and then scrunch your hair it will give a beachy look, or you could simply straighten it.

Which hair mousses are best for curly hair?

Tresemme Flawless Curls Mousse, Curly Hair Mousse - Totally Twisted from Herbal Essences, Dove Volumizing and Lifting Mousse, Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream, Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream, Redken Ringlet 07, Tresemme Flawless Curls Jelly and John Freida Take Charge Mousse

What are some cute quick styles for frizzy medium length hair?

I have thin frizzy shoulder legnth hair and usually straighten it, then rough it up by hairspraying then scrunching. mousse is amazing, not too much, but a little bit gives it less frizz and more style. you could put it in a side poney and go for they Miley Cyrus look ;)

You are mixed race and you have long curly hair when you come out of the showerhow do you keep it that way without using any products?

I'm really sorry, but I don't think you can do that without carrying water around with you all day... You should try mousse because it is not as heavy as gel and it will keep your hair curly and even out the curls. I use mousse instead of gel and i love it! Try herbal essences.. i love their mousse and there are 3 different strengths of mousse! Good luck!

Where did Lemon Mousse come from?

Lemon Mousse originated from the french Mousse dessert dish, becoming a classic flavor of Mousse.

Why is chocolate mousse called chocolate mousse?

Mousse means foam in French. Chocolate mousse is a French chocolate dessert that is foamy.

Where did Chocolate Mousse originate?

Chocolate Mousse was one of the original flavors of Mousse, which originated in France. The actual creator of Mousse and where he or she was at the time of creation is unconfirmed.

Is hair styling mousse a heterogeneous mixture?

no because a heterogeneous mixture can be mousse is....mousse...

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