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How can i qualify for credit through a usa bank when not a us resident?



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In most traditional ways you cannot. You need to invest the time and effort to build a US credit profile. It will take 2-3 years. Being offshore will continue to be an issue with some lenders as you have no income that they can verify. I am assuming that you do not already produce income in the US and reportable to the US for tax purposes. There is no legal requirement that you are resident. The lender has a risk profile they are trying to measure and match. You fall outside the box. Depending on the transaction there could be other solutions. Property being sold mostly to non-US residents will sometimes come with a specialized lending package. Some banks who operate in your home country will have a US branch which they will lend through. Rare but not impossible. Your specific situation, the property type and location are all factors. A commercial property is going to be easier to finance than a home as the lender expects the property to support itself so the borrowers income is much less of a factor. As an investor who lives outside the US I have practical experience with the topic. It is not simple and it takes commitment to a long term program of credit improvement. Otherwise it is better to buy with cash in the US which may have come from a loan in your home country.