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In most traditional ways you cannot. You need to invest the time and effort to build a US credit profile. It will take 2-3 years. Being offshore will continue to be an issue with some lenders as you have no income that they can verify. I am assuming that you do not already produce income in the US and reportable to the US for tax purposes. There is no legal requirement that you are resident. The lender has a risk profile they are trying to measure and match. You fall outside the box. Depending on the transaction there could be other solutions. Property being sold mostly to non-US residents will sometimes come with a specialized lending package. Some banks who operate in your home country will have a US branch which they will lend through. Rare but not impossible. Your specific situation, the property type and location are all factors. A commercial property is going to be easier to finance than a home as the lender expects the property to support itself so the borrowers income is much less of a factor. As an investor who lives outside the US I have practical experience with the topic. It is not simple and it takes commitment to a long term program of credit improvement. Otherwise it is better to buy with cash in the US which may have come from a loan in your home country.

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What credit score does one need to qualify for loans at a traditional bank?

One needs an average to excellent credit score to qualify for loans at a traditional bank. Consumers with a poor credit score can qualify for a high interest loan.

Does car dealerships qualify people for car loans?

Some car dealerships qualify people for car loans even if they have bad credit. You can also try to obtain financing through a bank or local credit union.

Which credit card company will let you through the pre qualify?

There are two credit card companies that'll let you pre qualify: Bank of America and American Express. Both credit card companies also give no annual fee nor interests.

Is there a bank where you will be able to qualify for a mortgage even though you have bad credit?

Chase will qualify you for a mortgage even if you have bad credit. You can even have filed for bankruptcy

How can someone get a credit card with Orchard bank?

To obtain a credit card from the Orchard Bank one must apply and qualify for the credit card. Orchard Bank has online applications that can be completed on their website.

Can you get an easy bank loan for a new car?

Getting an easy bank loan for a new car will depend on your credit rating. If your credit rating is Good or above, you would easily qualify for a loan. If your credit rating is not very good, then you are unlikely to qualify for a loan.

How can you apply a mortgage through the government?

You apply through a bank or credit union. If you qualify, they will set you up for a VA (Veterans Administration) or an FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loan.

Do you have to use USAA for your auto in order to get their credit card?

USAA is a bank that offers a full range of banking services. They offer credit cards. You have to fill out an application to qualify to get the credit card. Once you qualify, you can use the credit card for whatever you choose.

How does one qualify for a HUD Home Owner Loan?

To qualify for a HUD Home Owner Loan, one needs to have a clear or acceptable credit. You have to visit a bank and ask them if you qualify for the HUD Home Owner Loan, or you can contact a credit repair agency and they will tell you if your credit score will enable you to qualify for a HUD Home Owner Loan.

Whether its easy to get a loan from his or her bank to pay off credit card debt.?

You will need to check with your bank to see if you quality for a loan. This is a good idea if you can qualify if you can get a lower interest rate from the bank that the rates on your credit cards.

Do you need to be a resident before opening a bank account?

It depends on the bank or credit unions. Soem do require that you live in their area, while others do not

What do you need in order to be declared a small business and get a bank loan?

There are different definitions of "small business," none of which serve to qualify it for a bank loan. Bank loans are made based on the credit of the principals of the company or on the credit rating of the business itself.

Is good credit needed in order to qualify for a Bank of America credit card?

Bank of America offers a variety of credit programs. If an applicant has a shady credit history, a low credit line can be developed. Once a customer shows a good result of paying on time, that credit line can be increased in a progressive manner.

Where can someone with a poor credit rating qualify for mortgages?

You can qualify for a mortgage with a bad or poor credit rating at your local bank or credit union. You may have to do certain things such as eliminate all other forms of debt you currently have or finding a co-signer first though.

Where can you get a fixed line of credit?

You can get a fixed line of credit through your bank and also through a consultant. You can get a fixed rate through a home equity loan. Or through a credit repair company.

How does one qualify for a mortgage refinance loan through the Bank of America?

To qualify for a mortgage refinance loan through the Bank of America you must have at least 5% equity in your home. You must also be current on your home loan payments.

How can one UK resident get a first time home buyer mortgage?

A UK resident can get a first time home buyer mortgage through a local financial institution such as "RBC Royal Bank" and "Halifax". Often they will also qualify for tax credits the next time they file income taxes.

What kinds of credit cards are available with Bank of Ireland 365?

The Bank of Ireland provides the same credit cards you can get with most institutions. The have the classic, the platinum, etc. all depending on where you qualify and what rate options you want.

What credit report agency does Georgia bank and trust use for mortgage?

When trying to get a mortgage from Georgia Bank and Trust, it is a common practice for the bank to run your credit through one of three credit reporting agencies. The website for the bank does not list what credit reporting agency they use.

How can you get a letter of credit?

Buyer (the importer) has to contact their bank (called issuing bank) to establish a letter of credit in favor of seller (importer) through importer bank (also called advising bank) to get a letter of credit, bank will keep some marginal amount as deposit.

Can a credit union in Arizona through which you had a credit card freeze your bank account?

If the bank is the one that has the credit card, they can associate the card with the account. This might be a violation of regulation E. However if the bank and the card issuer are not the same, they have to get a judgment and then go to the bank with that.

Where can one find out how much mortgage they qualify for?

They can find out their own mortgage through their bank account and understand the requirements that will qualify them. It will help them in the long run.

How would you get a credit card if you had never had one before?

Apply through a credit card company or a bank.

Where can one get a SST credit card?

A person can usually go to a local bank to get an SST credit card. Although one may not always qualify for one, they can still always apply for the SST credit card.

What down payment is required to qualify for a Bank of America home loan?

To qualify for a loan at Bank of America, you will need to establish your credit history and, in most cases, some proof of income. This is fairly standard across the banking industry and should not be difficult to show.

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