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What is a repo? Repossession occurs when a contract is in default and the lender takes possession of the secured collateral.IF your situation doesnt fit that description, call an attorney NOW.

Roosta, yes I meant "repo" to mean repossession. The lender had my car for 3 days. I paid what I owed to get my car back and paid for 1 1/2 years. I still own the car. It has been paid in full for 2 years. But when I made the last payment in Dec of 2001, they list it as a repossession. But the so called repossession happened in Feb or 2000. Like I said they had my car for 3 days. I didn't realize they had it listed as a repossession until recently when I tried to get some credit for a new car. I have filed a dispute with each credit reporting agency, but I have to wonder if they will take if off.

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Q: How can it be a repo if they only had the car 3 days?
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How do you get your car back from a repo when you are only 3 days late?

You pay the LENDER what you are behind and the repo fee and go get it.

Can a car dealer repo your car if you are only 6 days late?

Read the contract you signed. Does it include a GRACE period? If so, were you past that also? Does your state require Lenders to send a "right to Cure" letter before they repo? In states that do NOT require the "right to cure" notice, 6 days means they couldn't find the car for 3 days.

Can someone repossess your car if the payment is 3 days late and it is not stated anywhere in the contract and you do have insurance and all other payments are made?

payment late?? then its NOT on time and in DEFAULT. WHAT is not stated in the contract??? No lender is going to repo a car when only one payment is 3 days late. If you have made all the payments on time and you are only 3 days late, and they repossed your car, you need to contact the lender and see what is going on. Something is not right here.

How long does it take a repo man to repo a car in nebraska?

i think its about 3 0r 4 months then they will call and ask you where can they pick up the car

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If you live in Georgia can they repossess your car if you were less than 30 days late?

YES, anytime you are in DEFAULT, the lender can repo. Tote-a -note lots are famous for 3 days late repos.

Can your car be repossessed if you have no other vehicle and are less than a month behind?

YES. Read your contract. Does it say the lender cant repo IF you have no other vehicle? I think not. Less than a month behind??? Some lenders will repo when you get 3 days late. Any time you are in DEFAULT of the loan, the lender CAN repo. They may not, but they can.

If you pay half of your payment at the beginning of the month and pay the other half at the end of the month can they still repo your car?

Depending on the lender, but usually they wont Repo a car unless you are 3 months delinquent.

Will your car get repo out of town?

Yes and you will face up to 3 to 5 years for hiding it

What is against the law in a repo?


How long will a finance company still try to repo a car. I moved 3 years ago and they coulcn't find it. Will they still try to repo it 3 years later or would it be a judgment against me for money?

The lien is still valid, so yes, they can repo it.

Can a car dealership or repo have your driver license suspended for 3 months of non payment?

No, they cannot.

What if you are late 3 days on car payment?

Nothing I believe they only repossess your car if your a month or more off on your payments

A car was repossessed on the 13th and 3 days later you received a check for the amount of the payment you made 2 weeks earlier. The check was dated on the 13th the same day as the repo Is this legal?

Yes. They blocked your account from payments while the car was being looked for.

If your payments are 3 weeks ahead can they repo your car if you were in a wreck?

If you did not comply with the terms of the contract, they can repo the car. If you DID comply with the terms of the contract they are in violation of the law if they try to repo the car. It all depends on the terms that you originally signed. If it was a DUI wreck or anything else that willfully contributed to the wreck, you may have violated a condition of the contract. You may need to dig out the old contract and have a lawyer look at it for you.

Why does your car smoke when you turn?

only smokes when i put in oil, after about 3-4 days goes away.

How many months of not paying a car before bank can repo the car?

Depends on the lending institution but the S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for most is 3 months.

If you are behind 60 days your the bank says pay to day or it will be repoed you tell them you can make 3 payments a week from now Can they take the car if you get them the before the repo?

Most people dont know you can ask to pay just the intrest on your car note you can do this three times at most any finance co. Just ask and as long as they dont find the car they cant pick it up but it will take them a little time to go to court and have you turn it over. Get your agreement in writing!!!!!They can tell you anything and still repo especially at 60 days out.

To return my car to a dealer because I can't afford the payments What are my options?

If it's a used vehicle, you have 3 business days to return a vehicle under federal law - Saturday counts as a business day. If it's used and beyond 3 days, or a new vehicle, you're SOL. You can attempt to get a better job, sell it at a loss, or try to return it - keep in mind that a voluntary repo is the same as an involuntary repo, and your credit report will be dinged accordingly.

Can you rework a new car contract once you signed it and drove the car off the lot?

In most states, a person has 3 days to change their minds about buying a car. You can take the car back to the lot and ask to redo the paperwork in these 3 days. After the 3 days, you can't change anything.

Will Chase Auto repo a car with a 390 dollar balance on a 20K loan that is in collections or will they charge it off?

You are asking three questions in one, let me give you the answers to the best of my knowledge. 1. Can the lender "legally" repo the car with only a $390 balance? Answer: Yes they can. 2. Will the lender actually repo the car? Answer: Only as a last resort. They will try and work with you to get the last of the money owed on the vehicle. Lenders want the money owed to them not the vehicle. A typical repo will cost the lender (and eventually you) anywhere from $100 and up depending on skip tracing, wrecker fees, storage fees, locksmithing charges, inventory fee etc. So even though they are legally able to repo the car they won't unless you force them to. 3. Will they "charge off" the remaining $390. Answer: Definately NOT. Lenders are in the business to make money not give it away. It does not matter that the original loan amount was 20k the reality is that you still owe $390 and need to pay it or they will eventually repo the car and you will still owe them $390 PLUS the cost of the repo and sale of the car should it not bring more than the amount owed. I personaly have repo'd a few cars financed through Chase with a balance of $500.00 and less. Charge off are only done when there is no value left on the vehicle, i.e. totaled in a wreck. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID 19K+, WHY NOT GO AHEAD AND PAY THE BALANCE. IF YOU DONT, THEN CHASE WILL NOT SEND YOU THE TITLE. 0R, THEY WILL REPO & YOU WILL HAVE ADDITIONAL COST. PLUS, YOUR VALUABLE CREDIT RATING IS AT RISK.

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How can you trade a car when you owe more than it is worth?

You can't really trade it without staying in the hole. You can go to a car lot with about 8000.00 dollars and trade it but if your buying a new car that's 12995.00 and you trade a car you owe 9995.00 on they will just add the amount you owe minus what they give you for the car, which is usually nothing and the rest will be put on your new loan. You will owe 3 times as much as you did. The only way to not have the car is to let it go back, but agin that's a repo... I recently had to do that and just bought a car for cash. No car note..that's the best thing. The repo will hurt your credit, but as far as getting another car, you can after about a year and a half.

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