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Contact the local legal aid society for referals for pro bono attorneys or those who charge fees based on the person's ability to pay.

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Q: How can legal assistance be obtained by a person to contest the forgery of their name by a dishonest notary public?
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Is forgery a crime of moral turpitude?

Yes, forgery is a crime of moral turpitude. It's considered a dishonest act against property.

Is foreging illegal?

A forgery is something that is created to appear like an original. In almost all cases, a forgery is dishonest and if it used for gain, then it is most certainly illegal. Something that is copied without any dishonest intent may well not be called a forgery but it's probably never a wise thing to do. Proving honest intentions can be a very difficult thing to do.

When is forgery not forgery?

when there is no intent to forge..

How do you use forgery in a sentence?

The man was convicted on check forgery.Forgery means deliberating duplicating the signature of another person for financial or other gains.

What is the correct way to spell forgery?

that is the correct way to spell forgery

What is the punishment for a fourth degree felony in Ohio for theft and forgery of checks over 500 and under 5000?

what is the punishment in Ohio for forgery, such as checks and/or credit card. There was an indictment for forgery being considered for forgery

What is the statute of limitation on forgery in Missouri?

what is the statuate of limitation for forgery on a legal document

What is the penalty for check forgery in Texas?

What is the statute of limitations FOR CHECK FORGERY IN TX

Is signature forgery on someone else's checks a crime?

Yes.. It is the crime of forgery.

Is prescription forgery in AR a misdemeanor?

Forgery itself is a felony. Forgery of scrips for controlled drugs can either be a state or a federal offense. Serious stuff!

What is the punishment for forgery on a tag title application in Georgia?

The punishment for forgery on a tag title application in Georgia depends on whether it is first degree or second degree forgery. First degree forgery can carry of sentence of 1-15 years, and second degree forgery can carry of sentence of 1-5 years.

What is the statute of limitations for forgery in Virginia?

What is the the statue of limitation for fraud and forgery in the state of virginia?

What is the statute of limitation on check forgery in Maryland?

It's 3 years for forgery in Maryland.

Describe the category of fraud by computer forgery?

forgery is very very very bad.

Is counterfeiting money considered a felony of forgery?

Yes, counterfeiting money is forgery and is a felony.

How can you use the word forgery in a sentence?

the man used forgery to create a fake ID.

Is forgery a crininal act?

Forgery is a criminal act and would be under the category of fraud.

What is the statute of limitations on forgery in Kansas?

The statute of limitation for filing a lawsuit for forgery in Kansas is two years. After the time limit has passed, a forgery lawsuit can no longer be enforced.

What is the statute of limitations on forgery of a financial instrument in Texas?

Forgery is a serious offense in Texas. It has set the statute of limitations to seven years

Statute of limitations on document forgery in Indiana?

Time limitations for filing forgery charges in Indiana?

Statute of Limitations for forgery in Montana?

Forgery in Montana is a felony. They have set the limit at five years.

What happens if you write ckecks on someone elses account forgery?

Knowingly committing forgery is a felony.

What does forgery mean?

Forgery used as a verb means the act of forging or producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art with the intention of creating the impression the object is authentic. "When they realize that the copy was not authentic, he was accused of forgery." Forgery used as a noun means a forged or copied document, singature, banknote or work of art. "The hundred dollar bill was a forgery."

What is the sentence for forgery in Illinois?

The sentence for forgery in Illinois ranges from 2 to 5 years in prison. Forgery is defined in Illinois as a false document that could trick someone into believing it was true.

How much jail time for forgery in the state of Indiana?

First time forgery charge in Indiana what is punishment