How can lesbians prevent STDs?

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Look for a product online called, "dental dams". These are latex sheets that are placed over the female genitalia before performing oral sex. They come in different flavors, like mint, vanilla, and strawberry. These (obviously) can be used by men performing oral sex on women as well. Other ideas include using toys with each other to avoid any skin-to-skin contact.

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Q: How can lesbians prevent STDs?
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What STDs can lesbians contract?

Lesbians can get any STD.

Does the IUD prevent STDs?

The IUD does not prevent STDs. Condoms reduce the risk of STDs.

Does spermicide prevent STDs?

No, spermicide does not prevent STDs. Spermicide only reduces the risk of pregnancy.

Does a vasectomy prevent STDs?

A vasectomy doesn't prevent STI's .

Can lube prevent STDs?

Lubrication does not prevent STD infection.

Why is it important to know how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

some stds may cause cancer stds areexpensive to manage some stds can cause death

What substance can a condom be treated with to help prevent the spread of STDs?

hat substance can a condom be treated with to help prevent the spread of STDs?

Does the IUD prevent chlamydia?

The IUD does not prevent chlamydia or other STDs.

What type of STD is most commonly linked to lesbians?

There are no STDs particularly linked to women who have sex with women.

Does abstinence prevent pregnancy and STDs?

Well having sex can cause stds and pregnancy so abstaining from oral sex and intercourse could help prevent them. Or you could use a condom which can help prevent against pregnancy and most stds, if it doesn't break or fall off.

Do vitamins prevent STDs?

Vitamins don't prevent STD's.There are not any vitamins that can prevent STI infection.

Is abstinence the best way to prevent STDs?


Can an HIV shot prevent STDs?

There is no HIV shot.

What does not prevent STDS?

Contraceptive pills, diaphragm, IUDs...

Is absence a cure for STD?

Neither absence nor abstinence will cure STDs. Both absence and abstinence will prevent STDs.

What medication prevents STDs?

Medications are not used to prevent STDs, except in limited clinical trials or specialized circumstances. Survivors of sexual assault are offered medication after the assault to lower the risk of STDs. There are early trials for using anti-HIV medications to prevent transmission.

Does a healthy lifestyle help prevent STDs?

A helthy lifestyle doesn't help. Only safe sex helps with not getting STDs

Does nonoxynol-9 prevent STDs?

No. Nonoxynol-9 is a spermicide and does nothing to prevent the spread of STD's.

Which condoms can prevent STDs?

Latex condoms protect against STIs.

Do you report STDs of doctors?

Some STDs are reportable to the Department of Health. The same rules for STD reporting apply to physicians and patients of any other profession. There are no STDs that prevent a physician from working.

Can abstinence prevent STDs?

Yes abstinence protects a person from contracting a STD.

Do people with HIV and other STDs still need to prevent reexposure to HIV and other STDs?

Yes; persons infected with HIV and other STDs still absolutely do need to protect themselves from being re-exposed to HIV and other STDs. Once the bacterial STDs are eliminated from the antibiotics, you can catch them all again.

Do some states have laws about STDs and marriage licenses?

States no longer have laws about STDs and marriage licenses.

How can you lessen or prevent disorders of the reproductive system?

avoids STDs and get regular preventive care.

Why are boys separated from girls in prison?

to prevent pregnancy, jealousy, envy, fights and stds