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the amount of snake venom is so little that it doesnt harm the body, unless its used over the suggested amount.

2006-08-07 17:55:31
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Q: How can lip plumpers made from snake venom be safe to use when people have died from ingesting the poison?
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Why does snake poison not poison people when they eat snake?

Because the poison, technically called venom, is stored in special glands in the snakes head. There is no poison in the body of the snake. Additionally, snake venom is usually only toxic if it enters the blood.

Poison tooth of a snake is called as?

the poison tooth of a snake is called a thrike.

How the snake got poison?

How the Snake Got Poison by Zora Neale Hurston

Does a male snake have poison?

Any poisonous snake has poison regardless of sex.

What were the difficulties or hazards people experienced traveling to the California gold rush?

Not enough supplies,no cures for snake poison,and no personal hygiene. Not enough supplies,no cure for snake poison,and no personal hygiene.

is there poison in a garden snake bite?

There is no poison in the bite of a garden snake. This snake is actually known as the garter snake and is considered to be very helpful in controlling rodents and bugs in gardens.

How golden poison frog defence it self from the snake?

With poison.

What color is a poison of cobra?

The poison of the cobra snake is white.

How do you make poison in doodle god?


How do make poison on doodle god?


Can I poison a snake?

Yes, snakes aren't immune to poison. They are like you and me.

Why is a snake not killed by his own poison?

Snakes are immune to their own poison

Does the viper snake have poison?


What do you call snake poison?


What is the protective structure of the snake?


Why do snake have different?

it has hygic poison

How does poison ivy get pollinated?

By the snake?

What snake injects its poison?

All species of venomous snake inject their poison through their fangs, which are actually like hollow needles.

Can a snake poison another snake?

yes cause if any snake that is nonvenomous then they could die of a snakebite

What term is used for extracting the poison of a snake?

that's called milking the snake

Could a gopher snake eat a poison rat?

Depending on the poison it would likely kill the snake as well. The most common rat poison being floride in quantities large enough to kill a rat would as well kill a snake.

How much poison in an Azure poison frog?

A thirteenth of their poison is deadlier than the world's most poisonous snake.

What is the poison arrow frogs predator?

To date, the only known natural predator of poison arrow frogs is a snake known as Liophis (Leimadophis epinephelus). This snake has developed resistance to the frogs' poison.

What is snake poison called?

It is called Venom

Are pythons posion?

they are a snake but the have a lot of poison