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Q: How can mass communication go wrong?
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What was true about the televangelists?

They preached using mass communication. -APEX

Objective of mass communication?

i just want to kw about types of mass communication,objectives and principles of mass communication and theory of mass communication by different writer?

Identify the variable between mass communication and communication?

how can i find the variable between communication and mass communication

Communication went wrong situations?

There are several situations where communication can go wrong. Some examples might be where one person mishears a message from someone else, or a written message to someone gets lost in the mail.

What job do you get after doing mass communication and journalism?

You can get a job in media field like TV channels, radio and newspapers and magazines as well. You also can go for teaching by completing the M.A journalism and mass communication..!

What is mass communication?

Mass communication is the imparting or exchanging of information through media to large population of people

Describe a situation from your experiences where communication went wrong?

Describe in detail a situation from your experiences where communication went wrong?" Describe a situation from your experiences where communication went wrong?"

Requirements to study mass communication?

what are the requirement to study mass communication

Example of mass communication?

Mass communication is anything that gets to lots of people. For example, tv, radio, and newspapers are all mass communication.

What is the importance of mass communication in modern age?

Mass communication is important in the modern age for a variety of reasons. For example, the global economy relies on mass communication such as the internet.

What are the types of communication in mass communication?

The types of communication in mass communication are: Television, Newspaper, Radio and anything that goes out in a large quanity, such as magazines and internet. mass communication means addressing to a mass of people. In the above mentioned examples newspaper and magazines comes under print media and television comes under visual communication...

What is aims of communication?

Aim of communication is to inform, to educate and to entertain. It is also aim of Mass Communication.

What are the factors which affect Mass Communication in Tanzania?

One of the factors that affect mass communication is poor infrastructure. Lack of knowledge and poverty also affect mass communication in Tanzania.

What is the relationship between mass communication and sociology?

The relationship between mass communication and sociology

What is the difference between communication and mass communication?

Communication is a relationship between two or more then two persons, when they at a certain time & place, are engaged in the exchange of information through a mutually shared medium. For instance, language, facial expression, music, color etc.Mass communication is a public communication that takes place through the use of mass media. (OR) Such act of communication in which information is made available without restricting who may be the receiver.Difference between Communication & Mass communication1. Technical device is used in Mass communication, where as, 5 senses of human are generally used in Communication.2. In Mass communication, the audience is large, scattered & unidentified to the sender, where as, Audience is identified to the sender in Communication.3. Mass communication is controlled by many gate keepers (who can change or edit the message), where as, Communication is mostly face to face & gate keeping do not involve in it.4. Feed back is delayed in Mass communication, where as, Feed back is quick in communication.

What is the difference between group communication and mass communication?

mass communication which has to communicate the mass media like radio tv internet group is work which discuss in the group so which is called has group discussing

What is the difference between Interpersonal communication and mass communication?

mass communication is a linear process depends on mechanical or electonical mass medium like tv, internet, radio... mass communication address a large and diverse audience, but interpersonal communication is a communication process between a few members or two members a sender and a receiver, in interpersonal comm there is a role-taking and a feedback, but in mass comm there is a lack of immediate feedback and inability to engage in effective role-taking

Give ten definition of mass communication?

Mass Communication refers to medium those appeals to a mass audience by using widely circulating media such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio to inform, entertain and persuade the large widely dispersed and heterogeneous public. Mass communication is mediated form of communication. This differentiates mass communication from all other forms of communication.According to M. Janowitz in 'The Study of Mass Communication' in International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, "Mass communication comprises the institutions and techniques by which specialized groups employ technological devices (Radio, TV, Press, films) to disseminate symbolic content to large heterogeneous and widely dispersed audiences."According to Charles R Wright, mass communication is a special kind of communication involving distinctive operating conditions, primary among which are nature of the audience, of the communication experience, and of the communicator. Mass communication is directed toward a relatively large, heterogeneous and anonymous audience. Mass communications is characterized as public, rapid and transient. And mass communication is organized communication.One of the finest definitions of mass communication has been given by Denis McQuail in his book Towards Sociology of Mass communication. According to McQuail, "the term mass media indicates the entire systems within which messages are produced, selected, transmitted, received and responded to".By Mohammed Abdullahi Barde: email.

When did Ho-Am Prize in Mass Communication end?

Ho-Am Prize in Mass Communication ended in 1996.

When was Ho-Am Prize in Mass Communication created?

Ho-Am Prize in Mass Communication was created in 1991.

What top three areas of concern which can go wrong in a catastrophic event?

communication outage, not enough supplies, no leadership

What is mass com?

Mass communication

Orkut is which type of communication?

mass communication!

Different ways in which mass communication has an impact on the socialization of young people?

different ways of mass communication?

Who studies mass communication?

mass communication study is so difficult study so i not want to study this